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Default Written update for Kasam se - 27th October 2008

Hello guys, I'm pujashree, your friend Venushree wont be able to do the updates this week cos she is on vaccation, So I'll be doing it for her heheheh

But, first of all lemme wish u all a very happy diwali, may god be with all...............


Mr Waliya is scolding Pronita at the Children's Samadhi,he says that he will give any amount of money but he will not sell the land, cos that place is filled with his children's memories, then he trys to take her from there but her saree gets stuck at the Samadhi, so he leaves.

Pronita is crying, Jigs come there and start insulting her cos her plan didnt work,She says,"your stupid mom forgot that Jigs is alive, and the plan was ruined cos of her stupid mom, I didnt teach u all the tricks, so I'm better than u" then she reminded her about the fake phone call Pronita made, and she says then she felt something is going on when the immigration officer asked about the blood sample and she followed Pronita to the doctor and changed the blood report,and made the sale papers.She also says that she made Mr Waliya get it on time and thats why it all happened.

She says, u stupid women, dont u know how much Mr Waliya love his kids and also if he starts loving he will love to the max and it's the same when he starts to hate some1,Bani took 8 years to make Mr Waliya love her,anyway Bani is dead for every1 now,and pronita will soon be, Jigs askes her to spend more time with her kids so that she will feel better and leaves.

Pronita is crying and the sad music of Kasam se title is playing in the background She is walking but her mind is somewhere else so her foot hits a big root and she falls, Then some1 come and helps her, Its Pia and Rano,Rano asks, what do u think? you can manage everything in Waliya's house alone? and Pia says are u happy now? are u happy they threw u out of house?

Then Pia says how can u be happy? you are not pronita, you are our Bani di, pronita looks surprised, and Piya says yes we got the true DNA reports that Jigs changed, Then pronita crys and hugs her two sisters( the sad version of kasam se title song is playing in the background )


Rano says that she feel she is so unlucky that her 2 sisters hide a lot of things from her,The person she remembered everyday and cried was near her and she never knew and says do u know what is your biggest weakness?? its that you are Bani and that you are too good for this world,The world is always not in the side of people like you,

Pia says you fought with Jigs, Meera and sometimes with me, and u did it all alone? but Di those people are not like you they dont think about happiness, they want to win, they never think about what is correct and what is wrong, please forgive us di, please forgive us for just watching you (who have always been there for us) in trouble and never helped you

Rano says, I'm very angry, you never asked our help even when u came as Durga early and now when u are as pronita and says di dont explain anything,I'm very angry and I dont get your explanations hehehe

Bani says, god understand anything, we keep on thinking why we do good things everytime cos it gives no good results, but now I understand that god gives good results to all who are doing good cos today my 2 sisters recognized me, One part of my life knows me by my real name, yeah its true that I got insulted today even Mr Waliya scolded me, but for that I got my sisters and now I feel very strong cos u two are with me I will fight with who ever come in front.

Pia says, lets go and show the papers to Mr Waliya, but Bani says no Pia we cant show it to him now cos Jigs aunty it very cunning, she can do anything, it was her good luck that Pia got the paper, but lets get together and show Jigs aunty who we are and then the 3 sisters hugs ( so sweet )

Mr Waliya is driving towards home, he gets flash backs about the story about the file about the DNA report and the Sale papers, he stops the car cos he get a call.

It's Adi on the other side, and he asks, I was worried about you, where did u go from the party, then Mr Waliya tells everything to him,Idiot Jigs is listening to what Adi is talking, Adi asks Mr Waliya to come home and asks him to do nothing cos they are gonna leave Pronita anyway cos they are going to US.

Adi turns back and see Jigs and he tells her do u know what pronita has done? then she answered, yeah I know.

Adi leaves and Jigs is thinking, "sorry Jai bahiya that you are hurt, but Bani is more hurt than you now, and I'm having fun now" (idiot!!!! )


Ganga is trying to sleep, but a light comes to her faces, then she cover her face with hands, and when she start to sleep again the light comes

Its Rishi, he is sitting on the floor and trying to read a book called 101 excuses

Ganga is angry and asks him, What do you think you are doing?? there is a limit for everything why dont u let me sleep and why u switch on off the light like in a disco

Rishi says I'm doing all this for u cos u want a good reason to stay without going to honeymoon, Ganga says its all cos of u, if you didnt open your mouth infront of pronita we didnt have to get married

Then there is a knock at the door, Rishi is going to open the door, Ganga asks him what do u think you are doing, Rishi says I'm gonna open the door, why? You do something else when some1 knock the door

Ganga says, what will happen if the see that Rishi sleep on the floor, then Rishi put his stuff on the bed and opens the door hehehehehehehe

Its Krishna, Vicky and Varun at the door, they ask, were you sleeping??, Rishi answers yeah that what normal people do at that time

Then they enter the room and talk about their honeymoon in Paris, and they you people are going but we wanna spend some time with u, come we'll tell you things about Ganga di's childhood, Ganga is shy and she says but there is nothing to tell about it hehehe

Then their sister makes Rishi sit near Ganga and start telling stories about their childhood,they talk, laugh and have a nice time Ganga is tired and sleepy and she sleeps on Rishi's shoulder and those 3 leaves but Rishi is still sitting cos Ganga is sleeping ( so sweet )

The 3 sisters are at Mandir and they are praying,Rano says I feel very bad for u di cos u went through all this, Pia says but I'm very happy that god listened to my prayers and gave my sis back

Rano says Di all your problems are our problems, Pia says I'm gonna go and tell Jigs aunty that we are not in her side now, but Bani stops her and says that Jigs is so cunning, you two have to stay with her and find out what she is upto. then Rano and Pia leave and Bani prays and thanks god again


Jigs says to Bani/Pronita, I dont believe this, you came again??? if there was any normal person she will kill herself after all the insults, Rano is also watching them......

A big thanks to Magnificent for the fast video update, thanks friend

I'm extreamly sorry if there are any mistakes hehehe

Hope u all will have a great week ahaed and enjoy the festival season hehehe
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2008, 27th, kasam, october, update, written

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