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Default Kasamh se - written update for 25th september 2008

Dear friends,your friend Venushree is not well today, so I'll be doing the written update Please forgive me for any mistakes

The Bacholor's party is going well and Rishi and baba start their drama hehehe, Rishi pretends to be drunk and says that he is in love with Sonali, He drinks more and talks nice things about her and everyone in the house is supporting Rishi, All think that he should propose Shonali, Pritush gets angry hearing all this and walks away.

He goes to his parents room and there they are talking about jewellery that Rano and Rashi gave as Shagun and it is about 60Laks,Pritush is angry about the way they think, cos they should be thinking about Shonali and her 200 corores and they are just being satisfied with the shugun. They are being conned by Meera and they are getting too little money and Rishi is being supported by everyone and he is going to propose Shonali lolzz, Ganga hears him shout and comes in, she is wondering why he is shouting so much, He tries to tell Ganga the truth but somehow his parents stop him, then his mom tries to tell Ganga that he is nervous and should not concern about his behaviour and Ganga promises not to tell anyone.

Rishi and Pronita are happy that their plans are working, Rishi says that now it's Shonali's turn to fuel it further, He says that he has to leave because he had to prepare for the next day.

Jai is drunk too, his behaviour is so strange. Promita asks him what the matter was, he says that there are too many rooms, she says that he is looking for his own room and cannot find it lolzzz.She scolds him for drinking too much and yet asks him to wait so that she can get him a night suit, he says that he will get 1 from his room and walks towards the bathroom, Pronita tells him that she will get it for him and she opens the cupboard,Jai was just pretending to be drunk and was pulling her leg lolzzzzz and then they share a cute moment together.

Pritush wakes up and remembers what happen last night, he is scared that Rishi might have proposed to Shonali already lol, He finds Rishi and asks him what happened, he tells Pritush that she refused and told that she love someone else, Pritush is glad and asks for Shonali, he says that she is on the cliff, Rishi calls Shonali and tells her that pritush is on his way.

Meera comes there ad asks Rishi if he has seen prishut as she has to take his Sherwani measurement, Meera says that she will find him and walks away in search of him, suddently she hears Bani's voice calling her, The voice calls her to a room and says that if she didnt come there that she will tell everyone what Meera did, Meera goes to the room and calls Bani.

Meera calls Bani and enters the room and there Rishi, Rano, Krishna andVicky are watching tv, Rano tells her that kids wanted to watch an old vedio of bani, Meera is relieved and walks out.

Pritush is calling for Shonali, he finds her dupatta and thinks that it belongs to Shonali,pritush is asking her what she is doing, teh shonali says that first she clibed up and then came a little down thinking that it will hurt her less lolzzzzzzz, Pritush asks her why she wanted to die, She says that she love someone but he is getting married to Ganga Pritush says that to hell with Ganga, and also says that he loves her and he will marry her,He thinks that Shonali is his lottery ticket of crores and how he can let her go lolzzz, He asks him to meet him at the Shiv mandir in 1 hour, Shonali asks him why they cannot go there together as if Ganga sees them then she will not let them marry.

Jigs, Pronita and Baba are hearing all this on the phone and they are happy, Jigs tells Pronita that see now in 1 hour's time you will be winning your Mahayudh, Pronita says that she cannot wait

Next week- prishut is packing up money and jewellery and says atleast for a few days she will not find out the truth, prishut is leavin and Ganga stops him from behind,Pronita tells Rishi that now in 1 hour's time pritush is going to marry Shonali

Hope you all are satisfied with the written update and have a great weekend ahead
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2008, 25th, kasamh, september, update, written

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