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Default 11th September 2008 KS written update


The show starts by Rano feeding Ganga .Ganga says really my stomach really full.Rano says I know whatever girls think about their marriage,cant eat this or that...i'll get fat,Ganga says really im full.Ganga says you really love me na,i'll miss you all a lot,and who will feed me like this overthere,Rano says you can call me,i'll come and feed you.Rano says i'll be back okay.

Pronita came and approach Ganga.Pronita says you can put this mixture on your hand as it will be more darker.Ganga says i don't want anything from you.I know everything that you do,there wil be something behind it.Where is choti ma,i'll ask her to put.Pronita then says she is Mrs.Mital room,you want me to call her.Ganga says no thanks i'll go by myself.Ganga then leaves,to look for Meera.

Pronita then says this to herself that you will go there now I will know the truth about your choti ma.This what I want.

Mrs.Mital in her room and says the diamond and all the jewellery she admires to herself.After so long im gonna wear it.Meera walks into the room.

Meera says now give back my jewellery,Mr.Mitals says but according to rasams this is mine.Meera says rasams had just over.I would not change my real jewellery to your fake jewellery.Mrs.Mital says but the marriage is real,so the rasams will be real too.Meera says this marriage is real but you all are not real.Both of them fighting for the jewellery and Ganga are on her way to her choti ma,and Pronita follows her.

Mr.Mital walks into the room,Meera says good you are here,try to make your wife understand.Mr.Mital ask her to give back the jewels to Meera,but Mrs.Mitals still don't wanna return the jewels,and she says its mine.Mr.Mitals says we didn't come here for jewels,we came here for Priytush marriage and get the money.Mrs.Mitals is stubborn and don't wanna return it.

Meera and Mrs.Mitals fighting for the jewels and Ganga enters the room.


Ganga ask what is all this,Meera says you see i want to give the jewels but she refuse to have it,Mr.Mitals says its okay i don't want ,the rasams is over now.Meera says what happen ,Ganga says i want you to mixed the lemon and sugar for mt mehndi.Meera says okay.Ganga leaves.Meera says you know what will happen if Ganga heard all this just?If she knows the truth all our plans are gone,by the way why suddenly you fall for the jewels?Mrs.Mitals says no Pronita instigated me about the jewels.I was so excited about the jewels until i cant see anything anymore,im sorry.

Meera says all this shouldn't not happen.Im giving you warning about this I don't this to happen anymore.

Pronita on a call with Jigyasa by saying everything was okay,but only it too late and Meera had stop from Ganga to know the truth.Jigyasa ask Bani to relax,don't just give up this fast.Jigs said the truth will always will win,and the bad part will never.Jigyasa says nothing will happen,im here na.Pronita says the wedding is coming over.Jigaysa says i promise i will not make Ganga's wedding happen.

Meera then steps in and ask to who are you talking to Pronita.

Meera says from I know about you that you don't knwo anyone in this city.Pronita says what are you doing here.Meera says to stop giving problems to my plans nothing will happen as you think.Coz i will win this battle.No one will trust you ,na Ganga or the family.

Pronita says your jewels had gone and slowly you will loose everything,Meera says to gain something we have to give up for smething,what will happen to you Pronita,you will end up by crying in the room,arey im telling everything about your future,tell me how is this and all the best.

Rano in a room and Pronita walks to her ,Rano says i've changed a bit of the room look as your need,afta the function had end you can rest here.No problem for you right?Pronita says no problem for me,you really care about me na.Rano says i will bring a pillow for you and she walks and looked at the 3 sister photo,Pronita says what are you looking Rano,Rano says after so long im looking at dee photo,and you know dee loves Ganga a lot and where ever she is now she will be happy,looking at this photo reminds me of last time,we will always fight with Pia,and dee will try to solve our fight,Pronita ask where is Pia?Rano says after dee is gone she took Veer to abroad.Pronita says on phone maybe you will talk to her about Ganga's wedding,Rano says ha sometimes we will talk,but now days she is very busy...already send her invite card hopefully she will get it.dee dreams is ganga's wedding to happen there,so that she will get baba's blessings,Jai hears the convo and walk off and Pronita saw.

Jai tell himself,i will full fill Bani's wish.Ganga's wedding will take place in Mount Abu.It will happen as you dream off,I promise.

Jigs tell herself,true what Bani says ,we only have little time,what to do.


Pronita says Mr.Walia Tony had kept your suit near toyour bed and your medicine is one the right site of your bed,and she said that the wedding ceremony will take in Mount Abu was a great idea and Bani will like it.Both says good night and leaves.

Pronita receive a call from Jigyasa aunty and says don't worry no one heard our conversation.Jigyasa says nothing will happen and i have a great plan,Pronita says what is the plan,Jigyasa reply by saying listen what im gonna tell you now.

Pronita says Jigyasa aunty do you think that this plan will work.Jigyasa says 100% will work,and Mitals are involved too in this plan and it will start tomorow on Ganga's night sangeet.

WOW so nice interior decoration,i just love itthe house look nice,hehehehehe

Krishna says where is papa,Rano replies he is in the Mount Abu.Krishna syas its Ganga dee wedding and he is Mount Abu.Rano says he wants Ganga dee wedding to be held in Mount Abu.Everyone was happy but not Meera.

Ganga says im very happy,i will get blessing from Bani mom.

Meera thinks about the flashback ,how she killed Bani in Mount Abu and after that she drops some apples from the table.Aditya ask what happen Meera?Meera says nothing uncle in a hurry everything drop.Aditya says come on let go ,a lots of work to be done,everyone leaves but not Meera and Pronita.

Pronita says what happen Meera,seem like your dream wont come true.Meera says what is your meaning.Pronita says omg so scared,why are you so scared.Meera says mind your own business.Meera then leaves.

Pronita said i like your reaction when you heard about Mount Abu.I wont leave you.



Priytush seem to be touching a girl in a room,and Ganga walks in and ask what is this Priytush.All the family was there and Rishi too!cant wait for monday to come

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11th, 2008, september, update, written

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