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Default Saath Phere - 24th March 08 written update

24th March, Monday written Update


Kaveri thinks that there is something strange going on at Sal's place and decides to go there and check herself about the whole drama.

Singh parivar mansion:

Saloni is in the drawing hall... sees Jijji coming down from her room.

Saloni thinks of troubling Jijji further...tucks her sari up and starts eating corn cob just like a village girl.

One look at Sal, Jijji gets worried and runs to her...and asks why she is behaving like a chimni.

Chiimni/Sal innocently asks her what she done...

Jijji makes her sari properly... and reminds Chimni that Saloni never used to do such things...and always carried herself dignifiedly.

So jijji requests Chimni to behave carefully, otherwise both of them can get caught by the other family members.

Jijji tries to correct Sal's hair... Kaveri walks into the house just then.

She is surprised to see Jijji and Saloni on such friendly terms... she smiles evilly...

Jijji sees Kaveri...and tells her that there is some speck in Sal's eye...and she was trying to remove it.

Kaveri gives her a sweet smile as a reply. Saloni too acts surprised to see Kaveri there.

Jijji excuses herself ...and leaves...

Sal invites Kaveri to come inside and sit, but Kavs asks for Nahar... Sal says he is at the office.

Kaveri then says she too would go and come back later when everyone is around.

She comes to the conclusion that there is something really fishy going on with Jijji n Sal...

Jijji n Kakasa

Jijji n Kakasa are returning from the hospital.... Kakasa is happy about his medical test reports.

They pass a chaat bhandar on the way... Kakasa asks driver to stop the car and requests his wife to allow him to have Kachoris from that chaat bhandaar... and he tells her that he used to go to the place almost everyday with his friends when he was in college.

Jijji they both walk into the place...and order Kachoris. He is about to take the plate from the counter some1 from behind grabs the plate from Veer's hands.

He turns to look at the person... and he gets very excited to see his close friend from his college days, who turns out to be Kunjan's father.

Kakasa introduces both of them to each other.

Kakasa invites his friend to come to his place...

Singh parivar:

All of the family members assemble in the hall in front of Kakasa's lawyer.

Lawyer presents Veer's will.... It says all the property is transferred to Sal's son...but Saloni will be the caretaker of the property till her son becomes 18.

All other family members are happy about the will.. except Jijji... in fact, Jijji is shocked to hear this... coz she wants to get rid of Chimni as soon as possible. She is damn worried about the consequences if Veer signs the will... she has to bear Chmni for another 18 years... which she decides that she cannot allow and she has to do something!

She sees Ramsingh coming with coffee cups.... She gets up and "accidentally" bumps into him in such a way that all the coffee cups fall on the legal papers on which Kakasa was about to sign.

Everyone in the room gets shocked with this...

Jijji scolds Ram Singh for being careless and says sorry to Veer.

Kakasa recovers from initial shock and tells Jijji that its neither hers or Ram Singh's fault.

But, somehow Saloni feels that Jijji must have done this deliberately.

Kakasa asks the lawyer to prepare papers again... Lawyer tells them that the papers will be ready in another 5 to 6 days.

Jijji is relieved that she got another 5 days...

Kakasa asks everybody to relax..... and he says whatever happens , happens for good!

Jijji n Veer:

They both are in their bedroom.

Jijji asks Veer to write all the property on Saloni's name instead of her son's name.

Veer asks the reason for it...

Jijji tells him that it is to bring back the lost confidence in Saloni... She tells him that Sal had done so much for the family... she he should be writing the property to her.

She assures him that it doesn’t make any difference if the property is transferred on Sal's kid or Sal.

Kakasa somewhat gets convinced with what Jijji said making her very very happy.

Tara listens to all this from her hiding... and informs everybody about Jijji's new plans.

Brij n Nahar wonder about her new plan... Saloni tells them that Jijji will must be thinking its easy to put the property on Chimni's name than the kid.

She tells that it must have been Jijji's plan to destroy legal papers by throwing coffee accidentally.

Brijesh tells them that he has a plan...

At the dining table:

At night... all get seated for dinner. Kakasa brings up the subject about the property...and he informs them that he decided to transfer it into Sal's name instead of his kids name.

Brijesh n Nahar look at each other.

Kakasa asks about Brijesh's opinion.... Brij says that he is not comfortable with the they still don’t trust Saloni.

he says, " we cannot forget how she behaved with all of us before... how can we trust her now... what’s the guarantee that she will change back."

Nahar too agrees with his brother...

Kakasa then says he will once again think about it taking both brothers opinions too.... he says it doesn’t make any difference if the property is transferred to Sal or her son...

Jijji is stuck once again.... she doesn’t know what to do.

Brijesh's room:

Both brothers and wives including bhabbo meet in the room... to discuss about things...

Tara says that it won’t take much time for the lawyer to prepare papers... and she is worried about finding their son within that time.

Saloni asks them whether Jijji alone goes anywhere.

Nahar narrates the incident when he followed Jijji to the orphanage and found the kid was warden's son.

Brijesh tells her about DNA tests done for all the kids... and none of them matched.. He tells Saloni its all Jijji's plan to give them trouble.

Saloni enquires Tara, whether Jijji goes to any place at all... and comes to know that every Saturday she goes to some ashram without fail but along with Kakasa.

Saloni decides to follow Jijji the next day.. which is a Saturday.


Sal is hiding behind a tree...and watches Jijji, her son and the warden... meanwhile a dog comes barking at Saloni... Sal tries to silent the dog... But jijji hears the barking...and look in Sal's direction...

credit: pams309
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24th, march, phere, saath, update, written

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