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Default 7th January 2009 KS written update


The show starts with Vidya is asking Adi how is the party and he relies by saying party is good.Vidya gave him a mask to wear and he says wearing a mask is a good idea for a party.Jia is worried about the mask thing and Veer ask him not to as he already place on the CCTV cameras everywhere and there are two check posts and also the plain clothes guards who have constant contact with control room.

Jai looked happy after listening to what had Veer just told him then he thank him for that and Veer told him again not to worry about it.

Adi comes there and asked them why are they not wearing the mask?Adi tells Vicky come one we have to go and serve and he told them again to wear their mask.Jai told Veer that he wants to go and bring Bani because he is a little upset about how Jai threated her today.

Veer sees Pia and brought a drink to her but she said no thanks as she don't want too.Rano comes there and told him let her give her the drink and Rano goes to Pia.Finally Pia accept it and Veer looked happy after that.

Ganga and Rishi went to one of the hotel and the front clerk scares her and she holds Rishi's hand.The clerk ask them what do they want?Rishi tells him that they wants two room.Ganga says not two but only one.Rishi ask her why did you say just one room?Ganga says the answer is in your wallet itself,since we have no money why should we waste it on two room?

Rishi opens the window and asked the bell boy whats going on down there?The boy replied by saying it's a New Eve Preparation going on down there and he invites them to come and Ganga says we will come for sure.Ganga ask Rishi we will be going na?Rishi says it's a New Year celebration we have to go.

In a room Jai drop something and Bani asked him to be careful and asked him what are you searching for?Jai says I found it.Bani says what is that?He says your voice.He says sorry to her and he knows that he shouldn't be reacting like that towards her just now.Bani says it's okay now I'll keep holding your hand and you'll get bored with it.Jai says you know I will never.Bani says that she knows that Jai is trying to hide something and Jai says no I just feel something bad going to happen since morning.Bani told him not to worry even we are far it's like we are near to each another.Bani says that she'll go and prepare herself and come.

Jai thinks and said that he'll not let anything to happen to her.


Jigyasa is geeting bored with the party and she sees Bani and tells herself here comes Maharani Bani Walia(hehehehe)she tells that she will think of something and make Bani's life miserable again.

Adi ask the kids where is the surprise item for this party and they tells him that Dadi.The kids tells him that you'll not find a surprise item like Dadi anywhere(hahaha)then Dadi comes there and said that it is midnight there will be bigger item number.

Vicky gets another blank callVidya comes there and tells him at least leave the phone for today and enjoy the party and Jai is listening to their convo and Vidya ask him to leave the phone their to charge and they leaves.Vidya then goes to Veer and tells him that he were right about Vicky that he won't be enjoying the party if the phone is with him.Veer then thank Vidya for that.

Then Veer goes to get the phone and Jai tells him that Vicky just got a blank call just now.Veer told him that he'll check.At the party Adi was looking for Jai.Dadi then comes there to Adi and took him somewhere.(hehehe)

Veer tells Jai the number that made a call to this phone I got it.He told him that he'll bring this phone to the security so that they can track the call from where it is.

Bani comes there and brought him a wain to drink and says that it is New Year bonus drink and she wants him to drink.Jai says that he doesn't want to have it today.She says that she is proud of him that he is not drinking.

At the New Eve celebration with Rishi and Ganga (a song been played behind the background-Kitne Baatein.)They both looked at each another and smile.

Ganga is feeling cold and Rishi offers his jacket to her.A guy offers a drink to Rishi but he said that he won't drink but at last he drank it.


At the party Adi was approaching a lady called Mrs.Malhotra and Jigyasa is looking at them.The lady told him not to call her Mrs.Malhotra and just call her Priyanka.Adi says that he hopes she is enjoying the party and she praises and told him that the party is very good and excellent.She says that she likes guitar very much.(hehehe) Jigyasa seem to be jealous looking at them.

Adi says that guitar is his favourite instrument (hehehe)The light went off and Jigyasa announce that she wants attention from everyone and tells everyone that we have a famous guitarist and he'll play for us.

Jigyasa says that mahan guitarist is her husband Aditya.(hahaha)Everyone was shocked and was laughing and clapped for him.He then took the guitar and played(wow it was nice)Bani then goes to Jigyasa and tells her let Aid to enjoy since it is New Year.Jigyasa ask her to stay out of it,it is between her and her husband.Jigyasa then announce the star of to night is Vicky(he is the one who played the guitar).

Adi thinks that he should do something to prove to everyone that he is not that a bored person.Then Adi says come on guys and a song (Rock and Roll from the movie KANK been played behind the background)everyone is enjoying but not Jigyasa(hehehe)

Jai is wondering where is Veer and Veer then comes there to tell him something but Vicky pulls him and went and a lady was watching Bani trough the mask.

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2009, 7th, january, update, written

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