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Default ar love story part 9

hey guys i m so sorry for d late post!! i am i am realli! so i made these parts realli romantic and adventurous!!!

part 9

ammy and anji ran towards d bathroom!!

ammy and anji trying to get in at the same time!

anji- i was first!!

ammy- no i was

anji- no i was!

ammy- no i was!!

anji- u knoe wat lets tell ridz to tell who shud go first!!

anji and ammy- ridzz idhar aaona!

ridzz- huh?? bolo kya hua??

ammy grabbed her hand and pulled her- ridz isse kaho mujhe andar jaana hai!!

anji grabbed her another hand and snatched her other side- no mein phele jaaungi!

ammy grabbed- her- no mein!

anji grabbed her- no mein!!

ammy grabbed her- nahi mein!!

ridzz- guys i m not a playing yoyo!!ek kaam karte hai toss karte hai!!

anji and ammy- works for me!!

anji- rite! heads!!!

ridzz tosssed!! and it was heads!!

ridzz- heads!!

anji yeah now get aside!! {to armaan}

and went in!!

ridzz- heheheh dis is good!!

ammy smilled at her sarcastically!! and ridzz went to the couch and was sitting der!!

and anji got fresh and ammy got fresh!! and dey went outside and dey saw ridzz sleeping on d couch!!

anji and ammy- BOOOOO!!!

ridzz- aaaah sheeesh khud toh har waqt sote rhete ho!! aur mujhe thodi der bhi nahi sone dete ho!

and dey rushed to sanjeevani!!


everybody reported dr. keerti!

dr.keerti- goodmorning interns and dey wished her back and she gave them their duties!!

ridz and ammy in general ward!

anji and muskaan in path lab!

rahul and atul in aids ward!

vishal and naina special ward!

keerti- and haa dr. vishal dr. naina dr. riddhima dr. armaan u guys have half duties today! and after the day gets over u guys have to junaghad!

vishal naina riddhima armaan to them selves- yes!!

@ general ward!

riddzz was operating gappu!- hiee gappu kaise ho?? putting her hand on his cheek!

gappu- bas didi fasklas!

armaan interupted them- riddhima aaj movie dekhne chalogi half duty hai toh!

riddhima- dekhenge!

armaan- i dunno we are going!!and left!

riddhima- par!!! pagal

gappu- i knoe! he is crack!! hehehe

armaan popped up- i heard that!!

gappu stood up on the bed- toh aap kya karr loge huhu!!

armaan- toh mein tohh..... mein yaha se jaaunga!!

gappu- armaan bhaiya darr gaye!! mujhsee hahahah and he kissed ridz on the cheek to make armaan jealous!

gappu- hahahah

riddhima nodding her head and laughing- hmmmmm u guysss.. are crazy!!

armaan made a mad face on gappu- tujhe toh mein baad mein dekhunga!! and you we are goingt o the movie at any cost yea!! and left!! looking back at gappu and he suddenly smacked to dr. keerti

gappu was smilling to himself!

dr.keerti- dekhke chalo dr. armaan

armaan- sorry!! and went back to see his patients!!

in special ward!

vishal was done wid his patientd and he went to naina- hieee

naina- hiee!!u done?

vishal- u have any plans half duty hai isiliye?

naina- nope!

vishal- toh ccd mein chalogi coffee pine??

naina looking at vishal- sure!!

vishal- so done hum yaha se hi jaayenge na!!

naina- yeaa!! and vishal left!! and naina smilled to herself!

after armaan ridzzz naina vishal were done wid deir duties!

armaan- chale!!

ridzz- kaha??

armaan- movie mein!!

ridzz- yea chalo!

ridzz to vishal- tum log kya kar rahe ho have any plans?? if dont u can join us!

vishal- no hum log ccd mein jaa rahe hai!!

naina- yea so u guys can go!

ridzz- tum log hume call karna hum pahonch jaayenge!ok toh we can go!and dey left!!

vishal- chale!!

naina- haa chalo!

in vishal's car-

naina- tummm apne ghar mein akale rhete ho?

vishal- haa par ramu kaka hote hai na he is our butler but unhone mujhe bada kiya hai!toh unke hi saath hi rheta hoon!

naina- hmmm and dey enetered d ccd!

vishal- tum kya logi??

naina- i will have a devilzone!

vishal- ok!and he went to order!!he came back wid d coffee!

naina was sitting besdie one fat uncle who was smoking!

naina- uhkhhuu uncle aap smoking karna bandh karenge mujhe alergy hai plzz!!!

fat uncle- ye cigar jab bhujh jaaayegi toh bandh ho jaayegi apne aap!! and he started smoking again!

vishal was watching dis and got lil mad at d fat uncle!!

vishal to naina- tum cream logi coffee ke saath he dint let naina answer and just got the cream and went to the uncle!

vishal- uncle smoking bandh karona ladki ko alergy hai!

fat uncle- bacche mene kaha na jab bhujh jaayegi toh bandh ho jaayegi!! and naina was watching dis!!

vishal sprayed cream all over the cigar- bhoojh gai na!! and sarcasticaly smilled!!

and naina was laughing!!!!

vishal- muskuraate acchi lagti ho!!

naina- thnxxx!! hmmmmm!! and dey talked in the ccd the whole time they got to know abt each other that time and both were really happy!

wid ammy and ridz!

dey were in d theatre!

ammy's hands were on ridzz shoulders!

ridzz- hum konsi movie dekhne jaa rahe hai??

ammy- apne!!

ridzz- wat!! apne woh toh pakaau movie hai!!

ammy- i knoe isiliye toh jaa rahe hai!!

and ammy's cel phone rang- ek min huh!!

ridzz- haa!!

ammy went a lil far- it was d ticket guy from the theatre he was ammy's freind-bol setting ho gaya???

friend- haaa theatre ki corner tickets book kar di hai tumhaari!

ammy- yea thnxx!and he hung up!he went to ridzz as soon as he went to ridzz was looking hea and der!

armaan- chale?

ridzz- chalo.....

_____________________EPISODE ENDS___________________________

karan-shilpa forever!!
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