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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - 1st October written update

Guests are coming and sagar is receiving them....some foreign friends of his ask him where is his wife.....he feels uneasy....

but then sees vidya wearing a beautiful dress...(aww !! she is looking awesome) sagar looks at her and smiles but then remembers what sin said......he gets angry and goes....vidya seeing his behaviour gets upset....

sin is on the stage with a mike and introduces junaid and sumedha....(was this necessary....cudnt they just focus on SV ) Btw both junaid and sumi are looking very cool....

some friendz of sagar make vidya stand in front of him.....she keeps her hand on his shoulder and smiles while sagar gives her a cold shoulder.....balwant enters and sin goes towards him....he gives her a CD and goes away....

sagar starts dancing with sin leaving vidya alone...(now he is getting on my nerves) vidya tells gayatri that she can sense some prob....sagar is behaving strangely....gayatri says that sin is abt to play her biggest card....but she shudnt worry as this time sin cant defeat her.....

harsh looks at mahuaah very strangely....(okies so theres yet another love story cooking) but chandra pulls him and starts dancing with him....sagar is still enjoying the party with sindura....

the song ends....and chinu asks sagar to cut the cake....he cuts it and gayatri says that he shud remember that he can ask for anything.....sin says that the party has just begun...he has time


chinu is on the stage....he says that he wants to say something...sagar is his friend, brother....he wants to give him a small gift this day....

theres a slide show of his childhood pics...vidya is smiling...and sin smirks.....sin ejects that cd and puts the one which balwant gave her.....

the video of vidya going outside by jumping from the window plays on....everybody is shocked....sagaar looks at vidya......who is blank....the video goes on showing vidya knocking some door and a man opens it....vidya going inside....

sin goes on the stage and asks who put this CD.....sin shuts it off....she looks at vidya who is looking as innocent as a lamb...


sin grabs vidya's hand and asks why did she do this...she shud ashamed of herself....God gave her everything...what was she doing.....she used to meet that man everyday...

gayatri asks sin to shut up....she is making a scene....sin says that nothing is left now....vidya has no right to do this....sagar is living with her despite of the fact that she is illiterate....

she shouts this at the pitch of her voice.....sin continues and says that she doesnt deserve a husband like sagar....she abused her relationship with sagar.....

the ppl start talking useless things....sagar looks at vidya who looks no less than a volcano which is about to erupt....sagar starts going when vidya stops him with a determined voice....she says "i want to tell you something !" more than is sin who is shocked....

PRECAP- vidya says that a woman faces her biggest defeat when her husband doesnt believe her....sagar looks guilty....

Credit: Sur
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