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Default 13th January 2009 KS written update


The show starts with Veer who is happy with Jai's decision about giving him the property.Jigyasa says that nothing like that is going to happen and he is not going to get anything from it.Veer tells her that he don't want the money and as soon as I get the money I'll..........Jigyasa then stops him by telling him that she is not interested in his plans.

Jigyasa tells him that you've only came here only for few days but over here there are more people who lived here for years and they have more right then you.I'll decide now that I will get the property and Ranveer will inherit it.

Veer asked her what did she thinks about herself?You were once thrown out of this house and I'm the one who brought you up back here.He shoves her and she slapped him.Jigyasa tells him that the game that he is playing now,she have been playing it for years.She tells him that because of what your mom and her sisters are today is all because of her.

She tells him again that she had take advantage of the situation and thats why he was born.Jigyasa tells him that she had taken and revenge so many people more and destroyed them.She tells him that she has proof of everything that he has done till date and it will only take 27 seconds to destroy him.

Jigyasa warns him not to go against Jigyasa Walia and she tells him that everyone in this house respect her and they call her Maam.

Ganga is waking up Rishi and she forces him to drink a juice.It's 10.00am and Rishi says that they've to check out.Ganga tries to take bag down from the top of the cupboard,Rishi helps her with it and they both fall and they bump into each others head .

Jia is on the phone and Adi says he wants to talk to him about something.Jai tells him that they've to announce something first.Jai then tells the family that he wants to retire and now the property will be divided and it goes to Vicky-Varun 50% and Veer gets 50% too.Jigyasa then looked at Veer and Veer tells Jai that he respect with his decision but he have to take over Pushkar business.He tells him that Vicky deserve it more so let him to take care of it.Pia agreed with this and Jai is happy because he is being honest about this.

Adi tells him again that he have to talk him but Jai says now talk to my kids and Adi looked unhappy about it.


Rishi says that this bus will take them to Hydrebad by tomorrow and there was a robber who tries to snatch Ganga's purse and she runs after him and starts to hit him.

The robber was scared and told the hawaldaar that put him in the prison or else this girl will kill him.Rishi ask her to calm down and he asked her what you have so much in that bag,the purse then fall and it has the picture of her and Rishi.

Adi is on the phone and is screaming at someone and Jigyasa comes there and asked him what is the matter?Adi brushes off and then Bani says there is something.

Adi tells that yesterday in the office I got some papers and someone has been scamming 50 crores and this is happening for quite a while and he says that they have to find it out soon.

Jigyasa and Bani had a flashback scene of the time where Pronita once told Jigyasa about her knowing Ranveer and Jigyasa talking to her son.Adi tells them that they have to find out who is that or else they'll be ruined.

Bani says is this Ranveer?Jigyasa ask her to shut up and try not to act smart and ask he rnot to interfere and stay out of it as this is her family matter.


The kids is congratulating Vicky and they pulls Shonali's leg too(hehehe)Vicky tells everyone that he hope he'll come with what Dad expected on him.Varun tells him not to worry as Veer is here to help off.

Veer is thinking about if it is not been for Jigyasa the Walia empire will be in his hand today.Pia says that she is proud of him and they decided that they wants to go somewhere and celebrate about it.Jai tells everyone no one is going anywhere.He says that we will have a barbeque dinner and he'll make and the kids was shocked and told him that they are not hungry and Jai tells them that he is a good cooker and they have no choice about it.

Bani is thinking about the matter of Adi finding out from someone about Ranveer and Jigyasa do not understand about this.Jigyasa comes there and tells Bani that she had called Ranveer and scolded him and he has assure that he will not do the same thing in the future and he'll rectify his mistake.

Bani says that she is worried and Jigyasa ask her to keep quiet.Jai is calling Bani and she went off and Jigyasa called Ranveer and told him that Bani will not open her mouth.Jigyasa tells Ranveer to be careful and Ranveer scolds her back by saying that not to tell him what to do.

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13th, 2009, january, update, written

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