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Default 5th November 2007 KS written update

Episode begins with Adi asking how the call could be from WM. The police ask how many lines WM has and Jai replies 8. He then says that they have to search the house immediately as the kidnapper must still be there. Daksh, Nattu, Jai and all the police run from room to room but find nothing. Finally Jai comes to an open window to see a man wearing black gloves and a pink ring wave goodbye to him from a car. The policeman says that the kidnapper is very intelligent and tapped into WM lines from an outside connection. It will not be easy to catch this man. Bani is sitting holding the photograph of Atharv and Krishna thinking of all her moments with them. She goes to Jai asking him if the man was caught and the kids home? She begs him to find them and then faints only to be caught by Daksh. This of course is smirked at by Jigz. Jai goes to Bani but the policeman tells him that he would like to have a word with him in private. Jai tells the others to take Bani to their room. The inspector then tells Jai that he has a request that Jai should not take the initiative to find the kids on his own as this kidnapper is not only smart, he's dangerous and any misstep can result in harm to the kids. He tells Jai that once money is paid there is a chance the kids might be killed as he will want to keep his identity a secret. He tells Jai that he'll need the statements from all the family members about their whereabouts at the time of the kidnapping.

Bani is moaning and mumbling the kids names. Dadi is telling her to eat something as Jai walks in. She sees him and again asks him to bring back her kids, Jai promises her that he'll get them back but Bani refuses to eat saying that even her children haven't eaten. Daksh then speaks up telling Bani that it'll be no use if she gets weak, she needs to be mentally and physucally strong to get back the kids. Jai says he's right and makes Bani have some juice.Everyone leaves the room as both husband and wife remember their kids.

In Jigz room she is taking off her jewellery. Adi comes and asks her why she's called him. Jigz says that she's not liking the fact that she has to give a statement as though they are criminals. Adi cannot understand what her problem is as it involves the life of the two kids and its just routine procedure. But Jigz refuses to give a statement and Adi grabs hold of her and tells her that everytime he overlooks her nonsense but this time he will not and if he finds out that she has a hand in all of this then he will never forgive her.

Its morning and Jai's at the office yelling at the inspector for no progress having being made. Meera is standing by and listening to the entire conversation. The inspector keeps telling him not to pull any stunts as the kidnapper is very clever and Jai gets angry that the inspector is only praising the kidnapper's intelligence. The inspector tells him to wait for the second call before they begin plannning their next move. As Jai hangs up, Meera tells him that everything will become okay, Frustrated Jai lashes out at her, asking her how he can stay calm when there's no news of his kids. Just then the kidnapper calls and tells Jai that he has to bring the 3 crore to the dustbin in Children's park at 5 in the evenng. He warns him not to involve the police or else the children will come to harm. He then tells Jai that he cannot come with the money as he's a well known face, the girl standing next to him, Meera must bring the money.

Jai is stunned and looks around wondering how the hell the kidnapper knows what's happening in his office and the kidnapper tells him that right now he could be present in Jai's office. He has 3 hours to organize the cash and the kidnapper hangs up. Jai tells Meera that she has to do something for him. At the Children's Park, Jai is with the police who are all in plainclothes and asks them if their plan will work. The inspector tells him that the park is surrounded by officers incognito and tells Jai that its good they kept Bani out of this. Jai thanks Meera but she brushes it aside saying that she too wants to see his kids safe. The inspector tells her to hurry and takes Jai to a vantage point where they can observe everything without being seen. As they watch, Meera goes and puts the bag in the bin. After sometime a man comes to take he bag and is immediately surrounded. He says that he was promised 200 bucks for taking the bag from the bin and giving it to a man but the man has disappeared. The police realize that the kidnapper's fooled them again, but reassure Jai that till he gets the money the kids are safe. Jai's phone rings and its Bani. She asks him for news and Jai tells her that he'll keep her posted about all developments. As they leave they show black glove come to that spot and throw over the bin in anger.

At WM the phone rings and Bani rushes to pick up. Its the kidnapper and he tells her to face the consequences for the police involvement. Bani begs him not to harm the kids but he hangs up. Everyone comes running and Jai asks Bani what the matter was. She's terribly upset that he's jeopardized the lives of the kids and whether 3 crores meant more to him than the kids. Jai asks her how she could think money was important to him, he would sell himself for the kids, but once money is paid they can be killed. The bell rings and Jai opens it to see a gift wrapped box. He brings it in and Bani opens it with trembling hands. Both of them drop the box. Inside is a bloodstained cloth and Jai and Bani look at each other with horrified eyes.Episode ends.
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2007, 5th, november, update, written

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