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Default 13th November 2007 KS written update

* It starts off with Ganga talin to the stars sayin how much she loves her father.. rubbing nose.. Enter JAI!!!!

* Jai says hes thinkin of taking over a company and Adi says when will you stop? ... Adi tells Jai to be kind to the people he is plannin to take over.. JW says biwi bache? parivaar? and says its only business now.. nothin else.. and walks off!!

* theres a party.. Raashi Daadi purva and rano are there.. Jai enters they show him with a cigar! his theme tune is jazzy man!!!!

he sniffs the cigar and tells people to carry on and Adi asks why are people so scared o fyou.. and Jai says they are his slaves.. and he says they are not his guests... [what the?!] he says they are just like his furniture! they are just spicing the party up like his futniture!!! Jai leaves to see the person..

* A person is beggin Jai.. and Jai tells him to stand up.. the guy [i tink its the machanic! ] asys please i have family and children.. Jai says fine ill over tajke ur company today [what a AHEM!] and Jai says im takin over as you said u want it for ur family.. and im doin you a favour by taking it.. [its a looooooooooong speech!!]

the guy says you wont have a family life and curses him. Jai laffs evily and says family.. and walks off..

* Jigs has a party... and people tlk about Jai.. and Jigs is out of town in London! so Karuna comes on!! she has a jazzy tune too!! its english!!!

Theres a dance to Kese Peheli from that Saif ali khan film.. Daadi and the others arnt happy.. Jai arrives and sits at his seat.. Karuna says Happy Diwali and what game do u want to play.. and Jai asays i dont belive in luck i belive in myself.. Karuna is not happy..

* Karuna goes to the Family and says Jigs told her to take the evil off eye off Jai and give the moey to the poor but ill just throw it here! [what a nasty peice of human!!!]

* A lady puts somehting bad near the Gods and Daadi says htihs is wrong.. Karuna says it happens.. and asks her to aplogise to the people.. [CHI!!!] and she insults Daadi furthur by sayin you shouldve dyed ur hair..

* Theres a pic of jigs.. and Karuna phones her.. omg!!! they dont show her face must be a chanage?! and Karuna says the Right Bani Took you have no got.. Jigs and her new voicebbox says shes happy as she has the rights now and im here in London for 10 days im here to see if anyone does anything.. [its a speech on not havin the 3 sisters there!]

* Back to the bad host.. and thers a couple hu dance to suna suna and Jai gets effected by it.. and lady sings it.. and he REMEBERS BANI!!!! flashback.. and then wehn it ends he remembers DAksh...

* Karuna grabs jai and says we have to celebrate you takin over 300th biz take over! and they announce it at the party.. and Karuna says Please welcome Mrs Jai walia.. and its MEERA! shes comes in a red sari, sindoor and MS.. and Jai looks like he couldnt give a damn LOL!! Karuna introduces her as his heart beat his life!

Credit: Henna

Reminder: Kasamh se will not air on Friday.. no matter what the promos are showing.. so make sure you dont get in the moment and open a thread asking for the update
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13th, 2007, november, update, written

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