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Default 2nd November 2007 KS written update

Episode begins with Bani coming to meet Daksh. He gives her the property papers which Dhanraj had used to blackmail her saying that these papers were a burden for him. Bani tells him that these papers were given as security for the money given to JW and and in any case she cannot take the papers without telling JW coz he might misunderstand yet again. She tells him to hand over the papers to JW himself. She says she needs to leave and tell JW the truth before misunderstandings becme a barrier between them.

Jigz says that she needs to tell JW and she goes to him and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Jai is surprised that today everyone is seeking him out to talk to him. He tells her to hurry up and tell him as Bani and the kids will be waiting for him. Jigz puts on her sad face and tells him that she wants to tell him something very important about Bani, something he should know. As she begins to hand him the pictures Jai's phone rings and he's shocked to hear the news, that his children have been kidnapped. He tells Jigz that the kids have been kidnapped. Jai Walia is questioning the injured driver who then tells him how he was knocked out and when he came to his senses the kids were gone. Jai asks what is happening and how this could happen to him. Adi tells him not to worry as he's informed the police. Jai picks up Krishna's rag doll and sits with tears in his eyes. The police come and tell JW not to worry as all the phones are tapped and now all they have to do is wait for the ransom call. Jw is thinking of all his moments with A/K and is wondering where they are. Dadi tries to console him and he tells her that even if he gets a grip on himself how will he console Bani, what'll I tell her?? The 'Dor' song plays and they show Bani returning by cab, Jai sitting in despair and the kids crying and tied up. Bani comes to the empty restaurant and sees it all done up and thinks to herself that he does so much for them and under no circumstance does she want to lose his love. She knows that once he knows the truth he'll forgive her. Adi comes to Jai and tells him that he's unable to reach Bani but Jai is lost in his own thoughts. He reminds Jai that Bani is waiting for him at the restaurant and that she's been fasting all day. She should be told about the kids and Jai should go and tell her.

At the restaurant Bani is pacing and waiting and a waiter comes and tells her that JW has arrived. Bani rushes to pick up the sieve and she tells JW to wait till she sees the moon. She looks at the moon and then turns to look at him. She prays that god will bless her to be a sadaa suhaagan. She smiles and asks him why he's looking so upset as she should look upset as she's been waiting for 2 hours. But she knew the naughty kids must've held them up and she tells the kids to come out of hiding. She calls them and Jai tells her that the kids have been kidnapped She drops the puja thali. She thinks he's pulling a fast one on her and she tells him that he should not make such jokes on Karva Chauth, its inauspicious. Bani tells Jai to stop fooling her and runs up the restaurant stairs calling for the kids. Jai grabs her arms and roughly shakes her and tells her he's not fooling. Realization dawns and Bani sinks to her knees. JW hugs her and they both cry( for once no body doubles). But why was the waiter standing at attention there??

Jigz has come to meet Arushi and is irritated that Arushi wants to talk to her today of all days. Arushi is upset that their plans are flopping and Jigz too is upset at the wrong time of the kids kidnapping. She then implies that Jigz's villainy is incomparable as she probably has got her brother's kids kidnapped. Jigz is furious with her and says that all they have in common is hatred for Bani which is why she's joined hands with her. But her hatred is different from Arushi's who is using her brother to achieve her enmity. Jigz loves her brother and even if the children are Bani's they are also his and how dare Arushi insinuate such nonsense. Women like Arushi are cheap and it is easy for Jigz to bring such specimens to ruin. Jigz regrets ever having joined hands with Arushi. She tells Arushi to get out of her sight. In his room Daksh is painting Anamika when he hears on the telly about the kidnapping of the kids.

Back at WM Bani is sitting and crying. The police tell JW that anytime the kidnappers will call and he must not let them know hat the police are there. The phone rings and JW picks up The kidnapper tells him that he wants 3 crores. Jai asks what guarantee do we have that the kids will be returned, the kidnapper retorts that what guarantee do they have that he will not set the police on them Jai assures them but the kidnapper says that he's already got the police there and once he gets rid of them, they'll talk again. Everyone is shocked that the kidnappers know what is happening inside WM. Daksh comes and says that he's heard the news and tells JW that he's cured. Both JB don't look too happy to see him. The police tell them that they have traced the number but everyone is shocked to hear the number- its the number of WM. ( And this is a direct lift from SRK stalking Juhi in Darr)
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2007, 2nd, november, update, written

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