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Default BMTD 20th, 22nd, 28th, and 29th October 08 Written Update

20th oct written update:

Repeated part

Divya comes down looking for Amar but he has already left for work. She starts to cry..but then sees Amar standing there looking at her. She runs to him, in a full jumping hug. She says your very bad, how could you leave without saying bye. He apologizes and says you were busy. She says doesn't have the strength of him leaving and she will miss him. They hug again. Chandra and Mahua are standing there and clapping. He says i was going to leave and she stopped me. He quick.y hugs her again, and does aarti and leaves.

Chacha is putting powder on his face and hema comes in. He says your jealous of my face. She starts making fun of him and cries. She says what should i do. She goes and gets a bat and hits him on the head and takes the tawez and says she will burn it.

Additi comes into Divyas room and she sits there glum. She notices Additi and says i was just marking the calendar to when Amar comes back. Its terrible without him, and you must of felt that when Bharat was here and you were in mumbai. She and Additi go shopping.

Divya and Additi are in a store and she asks why Addit looks so worried. She says she is afraid of a crowd. Divya says because you never go out. Additis husband comes into the same store and is selling a set. The guy gives him a lower price and says its style is old. Divya and Additi are buying a necklace. They cross paths but do not meet. Additi looks at the necklace set and becomes scared.

Flashback: Her husband and her are in a room. He asks her how she liked the party. She says she enjoyed it and he says the pendant looks great on you. She says your friends liked it a lot. He gets mad and says looks like you were enjoying some time with my friends. Were you showing off the pendant or yourself. She asks him why he is saying that. He slaps her.flashback finishes.

She is looking at the pendant and the store owner says you can buy it if you like a man just brought it in.


She says no i don't need it. Divya pays for the set and Additi quickly leaves. She says i don't feel well,lets go home.Divya says okay,lets go. Karan is standing in front of Divyas car and sees her holding Additi(but not her face).

He takes a taxi and goes somewhere.

Divya calls Amar and says if you have reached yet. He says almost, not yet.He says I'm just listening to a song, he plays it:kabhie mein kahan.


New entry guy: He is singing Dewana mein chala(its Yuvraj from Beityoon ka Vivaah). It is showing both him and Amar's car.He is on a bus, and the man says you sing very well. He says yes, will she like my singing though, i can from London to meet my Gauri.

Flashbacks: He remembers Gauri back from his village and holds on to her chooris.

His stop has come and the bus driver says you can't stop here, you have to wait for the actual stop. He says okay lower the speed, i'll just get out. The man tells him you can't do that, its dangerous. He gets out and gets hit by Amars car. He is bleeding and falls on the floor. The other guy says we can't do anything, he is dead now.Amar is in shock and the show Ends there.


22nd oct Written Update:

Amar and Shivam's family in the hospital..and also other villagers..the body of Shivam is shown to them..his brother ask who has done this with my brother?..who killed him...Amar says its him....He goes and gets hold of Amar, but the police inspector says that it is not his fault, but your brother's, as he was eager to go home and jumped from speeding bus and accidently Amar car was it is not his fault and you shud not blame him, even the villagers had seen and they are the witness.

Divya is worried about Amar and praying to Shambunath.she tries to contact him but in vain .Later at dining table Bharat, Aniket, Mahua and chandramukhi teases her..

Gauri is offering the sweets to Lord Shiva and shown happy..Shivam's nephew comes there and she gives him the prasad..and she thinks Amar as Shivam..Shivam's family talks about her and they all agree to tell the truth to her, but SHivam's father says no, not now.

Later Shivam's family comes in the house, seeing them Gauri is elated and she ask for Shivam..but they are in tears..saying that he is gone..She runs after Amar's car thinking Shivam is leaving..she goes and stands in front of his car.She pleads him not to go.Shivam's family comes there and tries to explain that he is not Shivam..In the meantime as Gauri was talking with Amar, she suddenly has an attack and collapse there..Amar takes them to home in his car.

Doctor informs them she shud be rested and do not tell her anything which might hurt her or stress her mind...any kind of sadma is bad for her..Family of Shivam is concerned abt her and his father tells Amar tht he has to help him at this critical time

Amar says he will do anything for them, just tell me what kind of help they want? .. Shivam's father replies that for few days he has to stay with them as SHivam..Amar is speechless and shocked.


29th oct written update:

Recap given

Amar wakes up and sees Gauri staring at him at the door. Gauri comes in and Amar tries to take the glass but she stops him. She says that he has forgotten how to hold a hot glass. Gauri puts her dupatta with it and tells him to drink it now. Gauri asks him how the tea is. He says it tastes good. She says of course, i made it.

Aditi asks how long Bharat will wait. She asks him if she should talk to Divya. Bharat says she wont talk to Divya. Aditi says that will you talk to Divya today. Bharat agrees.

Amar comes out and Gauri says that everything is ready for his bath. He thanks her. He is taking a bath and Gauri walks by and hears him shivering. Gauri tells him that he has forgotten everything. She tells him that he should have applied oil before taking a shower that way he wouldnt be cold. Amar tells her to leave saying he will take a bath on his own. Gauri pretends to walk away but quietly comes back after a few steps. She has flashbacks when they were young. One of the aunts sees Gauri spying on Amar. meanwhile, Gauri is laughing at Amar because he dropped something and is trying to find it. She goes in and gives the dish that he was taking a bath with. The song starts playing with Gauri and Amar. Amar asks who it is...I dont think she says anything.

Aditi asks Divya to go with her somewhere. (I think I missed some part, someone can fill in if they want).

Some jeweler is showing jewelery and Shivam's dad asks him to leave his card and he will call when he wants to. He says that he will keep the truth hidden from Gauri as long as possible. Gauri is playing with her friend and she keeps on talking about Amar. His friend asks him what did he say. Gauri says Amar doesnt say anything. His friend says that you need to let him talk and you talk a lot. Gauri says that is Amar not talking because I talk a lot. Gauri tells her friend, Jaya, that she will do exactly what she says. Jaya tells Gauri to be more shy and talk less. Jaya says that if Amar praises your small things then its a very good sign. Gauri says that she will do exactly that.

Divya is in the mandir praying and Bharat walks in. Divya sees him and says why is he standing outside and tells him to come into the mandir. Bharat says that he needs to talk to her. Divya says you look worried whats the matter. Divya says that she knows he doesnt like coming here. She says but this time you came to the right place, you will get all your answers from here. Bharat says how does that happen. Divya tells him to fold his hands and ask his question and he will give you the answer. Bharat says does that really happen. Divya says to try it once. Bharat folds his hand and closes his eyes. He says to Shabunath ji that you already know what my problem is, how do i fix it and why do i feel this worriness that i will lose something. He then sees Aditi in his mind.

Precap: Gauri tries to feed Shivam's mom but she refuses.


29th oct written update:

divya tells bharat to close his eye and then he see adi and then d tells b that that is what his heart wants and he should follow it.then they show a asking b if he told d about their relation and what she said.b says that he never got a chance to tell her as she is already upset regarding a.they show that adi wants to go to temple and the driver tells that the car is go to the closet and then adi comes to take something and their hands touch and they have a eye lock.then bhsays that he can never fall in love ne.ver

then they show that gowris co sis i think she is all fuming regarding gowring as to how she is been treated and no one cares for her.then some lady comes and askes for money for her daughters wedding and this lady the co sis scolds her and tells here to never come here and ask anyone more money which g hears and leaves.then the co sis husband come and ask herwhat is this.then they show a talking to d on the phone and tells her that he miss her a lot and he will be there for kc and also tells her that the family is planning to tell g every thing.he hears someone comming he tells her to take care and puts the phone.shivamsmom tells her husband to tell everything to g but he says its still not time.then again the co sis comes and tells her mil that they have to tell g other wise she will force them =to get her married.

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