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Default Banoo Mein teri Dulhan - 24th Dec 08 Written Update

Part 1:

Divya asks Gauri what it is that she doesn't want her to know. Gauri says that she doesn't want anyone in her village to know about where she is. Amar tells Divya to feed Gauri while he goes to meet the doctor.

Bharat sees Aditi walking in the hallway, trying to get Aditi's attention Bharat really loudly says, "I can't find anything in this house Aditi where is my blue shirt Aditi help me find it" The door knocks Bharat thinks it's Aditi so he gets a smile on his face but Choti Ma is at the door she says that she will help him find his shirt she's been helping him since he was 12 and Aditi's only been helping him for 3 months. Aditi comes into Bharat's room CM says that Aditi has to cook for the family Bharat says that they can order out and Aditi can help him find his shirt but Choti Ma take Aditi away from Bharat's room.

Gauri can go home from the hospital Divya helps her to her room and says that Gauri should rest and when Divya is leaving the room Gauri has a flashback to when Divya says that she will help Gauri find her husband. Gauri calls Divya Didi and gets up and touches Divya's feet and says sorry for giving her a hard time and Divya is truly nice. Divya tells Gauri to go to sleep. Gauri goes to sleep and right next to Gauri's bed is a picture of Amar and when Gauri sees it she turns her head the other way.

Part 2:

Amar goes into Gauri's room thinking that Divya is there. Amar tells Guari that he has her medicine. Gauri gets up from the bed and Gauri says, "I had left this house but fortune brought me here, and now Divya won't let me leave fast. but I will try to leave" Amar asks where Gauri will go. She says that she will go to the village everyone will be angry at her at first but the village is her home. Amar tells her that her family doesn't want to see her again. Gauri says, "My family isn't at fault for not wanting to see me because of me they have had to go through so much but you don't have to worry because I have Shiv Ji and he will take me in the right direction." Divya comes in and says "Your fortune has brought you to the right place and you don't have to think about leaving. You might think that you are being a burden on us but you're not and until you get better you won't leave, you are one of our own so you don't have to talk about leaving"

Aniket asks Bharat why isn't he going to work with Amar.(Bharat wants to stay home with Aditi) Amar says today Bharat isn't going to the office with him because Bharat has to do some work at home today. Bharat says yes it's very important work there are files and some reading that he has to do. They both are signaling each other and when Divya comes downstairs she asks why they are signaling eachother is there something that they are hiding from her. Amar and Bharat both say that they aren't hiding anything from her why would they hide anything from her. Amar says good luck and do the work nicely. Amar leaves.

Gauri brings Divya some water. Divya says that Gauri should be resting right now. Gauri says that Divya has given her so much love that nothing can repay all the love. Divya tells Gauri to sit with her and she asks if Gauri really is alright. Gauri says "yes I am alright do you need me to do anything". Divya says, "Actually I wanted to make Amar his favorite food but if he knew that I went into the kitchen he will get really angry because he will be worried about me" Gauri says that Divya doesn't have to worry and she will make his favorite Kheer and Puri for him. Divya says, "I never told you that he likes kheer and Puri how do you know that. " Gauri says that she heard someone in the house saying that.

Aditi brings Bharat food. Bharat is thinking that this is the perfect time to start his plan. Bharat pulls the chair out so that Aditi can sit next him but Choti Ma sits in the seat that Bharat wanted Aditi to sit in. Thinking that Aditi is sitting next to him Bharat puts a note on her lap. Choti Ma sees the note and asks what is this. Bharat gets tensed and says that it is nothing. CM starts to read the note, she says that the writing on the note is really small so she can't read it. Divya says that she will read the note. First Divya reads the note in her head. The note says: We can't meet while Choti Ma is around so I have made a plan. Make an excuse at 4 o clock and come out I will meet you outside the house and we will go on a date. CM tells Divya to read the note outloud. Divya says that the note says nothing it is only the laundry bill. Divya tells Aditi to look at the bill and check if it is right. Aditi reads the note and smiles at Bharat

Gauri is sitting on the bed and looking at the picture of Amar right next to the bed and then she has a flsshback to when Amar tells her that he isn't Shivam so they puts the picture face down. Divya comes in Gauri says, "Why did you come I could have come to your room" Divya says, "First only Amar use to stop me from getting out of bed now you have started too. Divya says Amar will come home early today so you will have to make the food a little earlier. Then Divya says, "Why did you take Amar far away from me"

Part 3:

Divya says, "I mean why did you put Amar's picture far from my picture. I know that you didn't do it when the cleaning person came he must have done it". Divya picks up the picture and says "Without Amar Divya is nothing, we are together for many janams, and no one can take him away from me" Gauri says that she will go make the food and she runs out of the room. Divya thinks that she shouldn't have said that infront of Gauri because she might have made Gauri think about her husband.

Amar is at the doctor and he asks for Divya's reports. The doctor calls another doctor for Divya's report the other doctor says that they should get a second opinion about the reports. Amar asks if everything is OK. The doctor says that at this stage of pregnancy we don't want to take any risks we have to do some tests over again you have to make sure that Divya doesn't have any tension. Amar thinks that Divya can't find out anything about Gauri.

Precap: Divya give Gauri some of her sindoor Gauri says that she can't wear that sindoor because it's Divya's. Divya says there is no difference whose sindoor it is. Amar walks in the room while Gauri is putting sindoora in her maang.
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