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Default Over dramatisation in Music Reality Shows?

Over dramatisation in Music Reality Shows?

Is what we see in our favourite Music Reality Shows really the truth?? Read on more to find out...

From topis to rotis, to "I am the best", judges in music reality shows seem to speaking out of their hat rather than their mouth at times. Viewers have seen the drama in music shows; fights go on about performances between judges, disagreements happen, but one question always remains: Are these 'disagreements' scripted? Or is it really drama going on in the sets?

Himesh and Vishal's disagreements on the versatility of a singer are well-known amongsts the judges and the contestants. However, it seems Himesh has turned over a new leaf. He seems calm, cool, and collected on the sets and we only hear good comments coming out of his mouth. Another point to note here is that Himesh and Ismail Darbar seem to be bindaas judges, giving '10/10' marks for almost every contestant, whether his/her performance was upto par or not. Why give full marks when they're not deserved? Do Himesh and Ismail really like to partner up with each other and give these marks, or are they asked to do so?

Whenever Anu Malik makes a comment on a contestant's performance in Indian Idol, it seems like Alisha Chinoy has come to judge in Indian Idol only to contradict what he says. Their arguments with each other have become famous in the show, as some are beginning to think Anu Malik is getting too big for his boots. Does he really think he is always right? Or are these phrases and sentences scripted into the show to increase TRPs?

Star Voice of India probably could be renamed as 'Star Drama Of India'. The fights between the judges have been taken to a new level, with Abhijeet and the the Jatin lalit duo being at loggerheads almost every turn. In fact, things had gone so bad that Alka Yagnik had allegedly walked out of the show, only to be brought back after the numerous pleas by her fellow judges and the bemisaal barah. The bickerings have often irked the guest judges too, with Govinda and Jagjit Singh showing their open displeasure at their conduct more than once. No doubt the drama will continue as the contestants are being made the mute bali ka bakra because at the end, they are the ones who take the fall.

We, as the viewers, have to stand for all petty disagreements and controversies the judges have in all the music reality shows. However, even after watching these episodes, we are still left with that one question - How much can we trust what we hear on the sets?

Authors: Ammu, Minnie
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