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Default 18th May KS Written & Special Update Article

Written Update

Pia goes to AD's house to meet DDG and she looks rooted to spot on seeing DDG's picture the one in taken during durga puja (there was diya ligtened infront of DDG's pic)

JW gains his conscious and rano also confirms that he was right all his feelings were true and bani is indeed alive and rano with all determination and confidence says now that they know she is alive they will find her out,clear all the misunderstandings ,get her know the truth what all happened with her 5yrs back was back was all facade and they all did that to her under compulsion,she looks positive and says that we can find GOD on seraching and she is tho bani her bani di,ranveer still looks confused,adi and maasi her happy,jai keeps listening to rano and rano is maha excited and she says that they will get back bani ,with bani all happiness will be abck ,WM whcih turned out into a makaan in her absence will again turn into a home and says she will tell bani what all happ in her absence how jai became man with no soul and says all need her,WM needs her,JW needs her and of all kids need their mom.

Atharv and Krishna are also in hosp they were standing beside jai's bed and keep looking at him lovingly and jai pats them sweetly.

Pia is thunder struck has all mixed raections(numb,shocked,suprised,afraid) and keeps wondering looking at DDG's pic she goes on telling herself how bani cant come back into her life and this cant happen as bani is dead she cant return and take her happiness away and how she will not let bani ruin her life.

Gayu comes in and pia asks her whose pic is that,gayu tells this is pic of that person whom pia always looked fwd to meet but never could meet her and tells its durga di's pic and pia looks like she will pass off and tells her she is here to see DDG and its urgent. DDG is in her room and dia walks in and tells that her friend is here and wants to meet her,DDG asks who is it and Dia tells its Pia Walia ,the look on bani's face was priceless and madam goes back in flashback mode and recollects all the scenes when all 3 sisters shared a good time and screen breaks on all scenes...dia snaps her out,bani apologises saying she was remembering her old times and dia tells her to forget her past and move out.

Back home rano removes garland from bani's pic and jai expresses his desire to put jagran at night and tells daadi she was always right in GOD's house there is only giving but no darkness,he furthur adds he wants to ask god forgivness for all his deeds and mistakes and want to bring bani back.

JW blows the shank and jagran starts and all are there(AW is in kurta ,KW is sitiing on ranveer's lap and veer is havin a small instrument type thing in his hand and attending jagraan they look so cute ) .

AD storms in DDG's room and says enemy is here and is offering u hands of friendship and asks her can she hear the sound of shank blowing and says that the war has began now and enemies are infron of her and its upto her how will she win this battle,will she choose to destroy them in mask of friendship ya will she be like an enemy,its upto her to choose the path and asks her how does she want to win the battle using chal ya brains.

He gives her one advice asking her not to bring bani infront of pia as this will ruin the game and asks her to be strong as starts comapring bani and DDG.

Bani is jal while DDG is aag,bani is pyar while DDG is chal.

DDG says he forgot one thing that bani is vishwas while DDG is vish ka vas that vish which will destroy JW completely and takes the pic from drawyer and lights it again entire pic burns but apart of it with jai,rano,pooch,maasi,daadi and adi remains unburnt.

Karuna and jiggs are watching jagran from top and jiggs keeps laughing and makes comments on maasi and daadi and their madness but karuna points at jai and says something is wrong as since 5yrs never jai attented ant pooj ya jagran and today he is here and jiggs says that this WM is bhoot bumglow anything can happen and says Adi must be knowing as like a women he keeps eye on all happenings in house.

While bani is burning pic and talking abt destroying JW,AD covers his face with his fingers and has smirk and has a smile playing on his face.

Adi walks in and tells jiggs and karuna that jai saw bnai and bani is alive andn says that happiness which was long lost will be back.

Pia is getting irritated and asks gayu abt DDG,gayu asks her to realx and tells Durga will be there in 15 min and asks her why is she getting excited and what relation does she share with Durga

AD walks in and says they share a relationship stonger than blood,pia looks suprised,AD introduces himself and brings fwd his hand and says aap JW ki wife and at the same moment DDG( dressed in sari draped in bengali syle like the one during pooja looking pretty) comes out and she is standing on top while rest are in hall and her hand cltches the railing the moment pia says yes i am JW's better half and loves him alot and cant see him in pain and it is her love that bought her here. DDG is listening all this from TOP with not so happy face.

Jiggs is worried and trying to reach pia but is unable and karuna tries to calm her and jiggs says how can all(rest of WM ppl) did not tell pia such an imp thing and how can they think of cheat ing pia like this and finally pia takes her call and jiggs informs her bani is alive and jai has seen her.

Episode ends on pia's shocked face while bani is shown in Back ground standing on staircase looking at her

Special Article J & B to Reunite Next Tuesday


Shootout... in Kasam Se

Part of the cast of Shootout At Lokhandwala will appear in the serial "Kasam Se" as the film gets ready to hit the box-office on 25 May.

Presently the show revolves around Bani and Jai Walia pinning for each other as they were seen leading separate lives after the leap that took place one month ago.

Artbaaz Khan and Suniel Shetty, who play policemen in Shootout…, are all set to make an appearance on the special episode leaving behind many new twists in the plot. They will retain their Shootout… names, Javed Sheikh (Arbaaz Khan) and Kavirah Patel (Suniel Shetty) for the special appearance.

Kasam Se's associate head Mr. Vikas confirms this saying, "Arbaaz Khan and Suniel Shetty are coming in the special episode. They will both be playing cops who will bring together the main protagonists, Mr. Walia and Bani. After that there is going to be a huge drama. What will emerge from that of course is a new twist in the story."

So in next Tuesday's episode, the audience can look forward to the reunion of Jai Walia and Bani. The two lovers will reunite but whether it will be long term or short lived no one knows. What happens next will only be known as the story unfolds next Tuesday.
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