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Default Hey Ya !! Plz sHare Ur VieWs.....

hi every 1..

guyz In "DMG" wht the hell iz going on these days..?? ridz iz stupid..i mean wht the hell she wants 4rm arman..:@:@:@:@:@ armaan loves ridz,ridz love armaan then wht the hell they r upto….?? If they both love eachother then wht iz the prob b/w them..??wht does ridz want 4rm armaan…?? If armaan follows her,pranks wid her she doesn’t lyk…n in 2days epi armaan is nt talking wid her n she looks lyk she iz getting hurt 4rm armaan’s attitude...if she loves armaan then y she iz nt able to confess her love in front of armaan..??wht iz the main prob..??in past sum misunderstanding were dere n it was due to ridz thn y ridz iz nt learning 4rm her mistakes…???? I mean in front of armaan she says tht she don’t love him n on back she do loves him…y the hell she iz thinking tht they both r nt made 4 eachother…??? Pre-cap shows tht ridz will arrange a fi8 4 armaan so tht armaan’s frustration cud leave him…..but if she confess her love to armaan then he wud b very happy as u all have seen in past epi when ridz was in “NASHA” n she confess tht she loves armaan…armaan was v happy…every one knws…but y nt in reality she does …? Wht is the main prob…I cant understand….DMG iz getting bored now….She thinks tht armaan doesnt have heart...awww so idiot probs shud decrease but they r increasing day by day …….ridz care 4 armaan but she doesn’t show in front of armaan……n plus aft the holi epi when Dr.Shishank's cum to knw tht in sajniveen "BHAANG" sort of thng was dere...n ridz said armaan brought bhaag...iz dat so..?? i dont think so..?? armaan didnt brought "BHAANG" n ridz idiot said....wht the hell she iz upto I don’t understand….

wht do u guyz say…???
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hey, plz, share, views

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