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Default Maayka - 17th April 08 written update

written update- 17th april 2008

veer-soni in room- room is decorated with flowers and candles.......soni enters thinking to tell veer everything. there is hesitation among the two as to who will start speaking first. finally both of them turn to each other to tell something at the same time. veer says she need not tell anything as her beautiful eyes spoke everything. (the truth is not out still).

veer-soni intense scene. curtain covers.

mahi's house scene- mahi comes home. her mom is waiting. mom enquires about "soni and the coin". mahi tells everything is ok. then her mom asks her if all this problem is coz of jeet. coz jeet used love soni. mahi is shocked to hear this from the lady. mahi tells her not to tell this infront of anyone.

sareen family in hall- sareen family is having their morning tea. tayaji then asks mahi to leave the lady to one good old-age home which is in amritsar as shabd is coming back in two days. mahi's eyes are filled with tears she leaves the place.tayiji is worried if mahi is serious about the lady.

khurana's house- veer is leaving to office. soni asks veer to come home soon. veer says yes. cheri enters and she says she wants to go jewellery shop and asks if veer could drop her on the way. veer-cheri leave.

soni at mahi's place- mahi's mom asks mahi to plat her hair. soni enters and says she will do it. mahi's mom calls mahi to stand near her. but mahi says she will go and prepare tea for soni. then mahi's mom reminds mahi of the *elaichi vaali chai* and soni is happy that her mom remembers her liking so well. mahi goes to prepare tea.soni after sometime tells she will go and see what mahi is doing.

out of kitchen- mahi is bringing tea. tayaji comes and enquires whether mahi will be able to console the lady to go to old age home in 2 days as those people had agreed to take her. soni hears this and is shocked.

precap- veer is speaking on phone with a jeweller about who had come to take the bracelet. jeweller says its soni khurana.

credit: JINKTAK
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17th, april, maayka, update, written

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