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Default ar love story part 18

part 18

armaan- i guess dis just got a little funtertaining! and laughed!!

ridzz whispering to vish!- tumhe lagta hai ki naina tumhe bhaav degi!!

vish whispering- i dont knoww!! shaayad!! but hope a lot!! and winked at ridz!!

ridzz and vish giigled!and ammy and naina seeing dat looked at each other!!

armaan- hey mujhe toh whisky pine ka maan kar raha!!

vish nain ridzz- nahi!! togeder cuz wat happened with him at the club!!

ammy- whoaa! 1woh uss time hua the aaj nahi ho ga!!

naina- haaan yaar pine do and he has a point!!

vish and ridzz- fine!!

and den ammy brought a whole bottle of whisky and den dey were sitting on d table!

vish to the girls- tum log piyoge!!

ridzz and nain- yea sure!!and dey four have two glasses of whisky and dey raced lik havin it in two mins!! and wen ridzz and nain drank the third one all togeder dey kept der head on d table!! lik dey were tired!!

vish and ammy- uh oh!!ab kya karenge!and den ridzz aur naina ko chaddh gai!!heheh

and now ridzz and naina wanted d whisky!! and ammy and vish wont let them!!

naina- mujhe whisky chahiye!! and stomped her fist on d table!1

ridzz- mujhe bhi!!

ammy- shut up kisiko koi bhi whisky nahi milegi!jaa kar chup so jaao calo!

vish- haan chalo!!

nain and ridz- nahi hume whisky chahiye!! abhi ki abhi!!

ammy and vish were so mad!!- ssh!! chalo hum sone chalte hai chalo plzzz!!

ridzz- nahi mene bolana!!and den dey both started aing crazy and unhone ek kasar nahi chodi ammy and vish ko heraan karne mein1!

and den armaan picked ridzz up in his armss!and took her to the bedroom!!

armaan ridzz still in his arms!- ab chalo so jaao!! chalo!

ridzz- par mujhe neend nahi aa rahi!!and ammy luked at her angrily!!and den ridzz was reall quite den1!

and he got her changed!! and he kept her on d bed!!

ammy- chalo abhi so jaao!!

ridzz- tum sulaaoge!plzz!!

ammy smiled and layed besdie!! her!!and he pampered her!! den asmani in d background!and he kissed her cheek and smiled and suddenly ridzz hugged him!!and ammy laughed ad he hugged her reall tight!!

in naina's room!!

vish kept naina on d bed and he went and sat on d chair and he was continuously staring her! her beautiness! and her hair fallin down her face! and he kept lukin at her d whole time!!

in d morning!!

ridzz was on ammy's chest and his hands around her!! and ddey both were sleeping!!and ridzz woke up and she had no idea how she got der but she dint care! and she smilled!! and stood up! !and holded her head!! and while sleepin he pulled ridzz towards him!! and dint let her!!

ammy while sleeping- bas aise raho na plzz!! mujhe accha lagta hai!!

ridz- accha and turned and ammy was sleeping and she laughed and suddenly had a paining face cuz her head hurted so bad!!

and she got fresh and went to the kitchen while passing naina's room she saw! vish staring at her! she went in!! sneaking!

ridzz- yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?

vish stammeres and comes to reality- k...k... kuch nahi bas aise! kuch nahi and luked here and der!!

ridzz giigling but not showing dat!- theek hai toh mein naina ko toh uthaati hoon!!

vish was compeletly into naina dat tym so he dint know wat he was speaking- rehne dona sote huye kitni acchi lag rahi hai!!

ridzz- kya??

vish cumin to reality!- kkuch nahi tum uthhaaao mein jaata hoon and he ran out the room!!

ridzz started laughing- yeh ladka pagal ho gaya! hai!!

naina suddenly- i know!! and ridzzz luked at her and dey both laughed and do a hi-fi

@ the village at dusk!!

a villager dis is d same guy as d one which was wid d gunda!! and he was talkin to himself- yeh riddhima ji ke paas yeh chip kahin se bhi lagaani hi padegi!!and den he finds ridzz!haann!!and he saw a glass of water picked it up!

he goes to ridzz- ji app riddhima hai na?

ridzz she was alone!- haan!ap kon?and suddenly he dropped d drink on ridzz but he pretended dat d person who passed by him pushed him!!

ridzz- arey!!

villager- ji maaf kijiye mene jaan bhuj ke nahi kiyaa! mujhe maaf kar dijiye!!

ridzz- its ok mein change kar dungi theek hai aap chinta mat kariye!! accha changing room kaha hai?

villager- woh waha pe!! jo hai par woh zyada dur hai!

ridzz- shukriya and she went to the place and d villager had a wicked smile! and it was quite far1! like 1 mile atleast!!and she went in!! and it was a khandar type!! place!! and she was kinda scared!and it was real dark!! and she heard! someone!and she got scared! dat who can it be?

ridz in a worried voice- kaun hai?no reply

ridzz " " " - kaun hai? still no reply!and den a box!! from d room!! fell down!!

ridzz- aaaaahh!!! and den somebody came from back!! and he had a napkin and kept it in front of her mouth!! and she stuggled a lil bit den she was unconcious! and he took her in his arms!! to hide her somewhere!!!


armaan- vishal naina tum logo ne riddhima ko kahi dekha hai?

vishal- nahi kyun?

armaan- woh kahin mil hi nahi rahi! hai!!and den he went around

d whole house!!shouting riddhima!! but no ata pata of riddhima!!
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