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Default Lifestyle of Kamya Punjabi aka Sindoora

I canít stand people who wear a lot of make Ė up

Kamya Punjabi

Define fashion?

Fashion lies in the comfort level, confidence and the way one carries him/herself. You should even feel confident wearing a sari in a night club; that is what fashion is. You body language plays an important role in fashion.

Who chooses your clothes?

I choose them myself. I rarely pick clothes of otherís choice. I am very moody in my choices. Sometimes I like wearing casual western clothes and sometimes I prefer looking like a sati savitri.

Do you like to accessorise yourself?

Not at all. The only accessory I wear is a watch. Sometimes I wear hoops.

Is there any particular brand that you prefer?

Not really. Brands donít matter to me. I just wear what I like. I have a lot of branded clothes as well as unbranded clothes.

What is your favorite destination for shopping?

I am a shopping freak. The places where I can shop like a maniac are Dubai, Bangkok, China. In Mumbai, I like shopping from a few boutiques.

Which are the clothes that make you feel comfortable?

A pair of jeans with a t-shirt or a track pant with a gunjee makes me feel most comfortable.

Who is your favourite designer?

I donít have any favourite designer. Actually, I am not really a dressy person, so I donít think much about the designers and all. But I like Rezaís designs. He is the one who has designed my clothes for award functions and serials. He gives amazing fits and style. Since he has my measurements, I just have to brief him on the phone and he makes exactly what I want from him.

Any particular colour that you like to see in your wardrobe?

I have a lot of white, black and red colours in my wardrobe.

A must have in your purse?

Credit cards, lip balm and lip gloss.

What are the make-up products that you prefer?

I donít like to wear make - up and I canít even stand people who wear a lot of make - up. I avoid wearing make Ė up even when my skin is looking bad.

A fashion tip

Just be yourself.

A make- up tip

Avoid wearing too much of make Ė up and be natural.

for kamya,s fanssssssss
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