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Default 6th November 2008 KS written update

A very special episode today!Everyone knows who is Bani now


The show starts with the police is saying about Meera confession.Jai is listening to it through the phone.Jigyasa wonders how could all this happen and she says Meera knows that Bani is still alive.Ranveer asked the police what it got do with his mom.

The police says because the day before Bani Walia was killed she ran away from the jail and went to Mount Abu and he says this is the records.Everyone was shocked.Rano looked happy and so does Pia.

The police also said when Meera was with Bani,Jigyasa was there too.The police asked why didn't Jigyasa say that Meera is the killer for about 17 years.Police told Adi that all the prove are against her and he asked him can they take Jigyasa now with them.

Jigyasa shouted and said what bakwas are you talking about.Adi asked Jigyasa on that night did she go to Mount Abu or not.Jigyasa was confuse and says what is all this.Adi says the police said that you were in Mount Abu on that night true or not.Adi shouted and asked true or not!!!!(wow super scene)

Jigyasa says yes she was in Mount Abu.Adi says OMG!!!!that means you are the killer.Jigyasa tries to convince him that she is not killer.Adi says if you're not the killer why didn't you tell us that you was in Mount Abu that time and why don't you tell that Meera who is the one killed Bani.Aid asked the police to take her and go before he does something bad to her.Jai is listening to everything through the phone.

Jigyasa tries to convince Adi and she turned and looked at Pronita and whole the family.The policewomen came and touch her and she shouted by saying how dare she touch her.She tells again to Adi that she did not kill Bani and Adi says back that you killed Bani.

Jigyasa tries to convince Adi buthe doesn't want to listen and says she is the killer of Bani.Jigyasa says how can I kill her she is still alive and I saved her.Adi says Bani is still alive?Sh eis dead now.Jigyasa says she is still alive Aditya.Adi,Jai,Ganga,Dadi,Rashi and everyone was really shocked to hear that.

Adi says you're trying to run away from all this thats why you are saying this.Jigaysa says no she is still alive.Adi asked if she is still alive where is she? (good question Adi) Jigyasa says this is Bani ,Pronita is Bani (wow)I saved her.Everyone was shocked Jigyasa says again that she changed her face.This is Bani.Jigyasa told Pronita why don't you tell everyone that you're Bani and I saved you.She says I changed your look because I don't want anyone to recognize you.

Jai after he hears all that he told the flight attender that he has to get down from that plane and go.They say that he can't get down from the plane.Jai tells them try and understand that he has to get down from the plane.

Pronita took the phone and told Jai that she is Bani but Jai was busy about to get down from the plane and the whole family was looking at Bani.Ganga cries.


Adi says that Jigyasa you are not part of the family anymore,you have no right to stay here.When you return i thought you had change but no the evil things is still in you.Jigyasa I'm still alive and the evil will be with me and she says he hates Bani since the first day and my life had been destroyed.She keep on telling that she hates Bani.She says as long as im alive I will hate her.She was a stranger and even then you think of her as your own but I am your own and I have become a stranger to you all.

Jigyasa says I will leave you all and go and Bani stops her by saying hey Jigyasa aunty I wont allow you to go anywhere.I know she had used me and hide my identity,I am ready to forget everything that had happen,but I can't forget about today because whatever I got it today because of you.

Adi says what are you saying Bani ,Jigs had done to you and you.Bani replies and says yes if she didn't save me 17 years back you people Bani's is no more now.Bani told Jigs that she knows that you hate me a lot,she says she wont let you to go anywhere and tires to hold her and Jigyasa looked at her angrily and stops her from touching her and she walk off from there.

Everyone was looking at Bani and cries,she does the same too (I am crying too after watching this scene )Dadi goes to her and she gets blessings form her and Dadi blessed her.Dadi says I know you are my Bani,my hearts says it all the time.Rashi then hugs her.

Krisnha called her MAA,she then hugs her.Vicky goes to her and reminds of what all he said to her before and he get blessings from her.Vidya hugged her.

Bani looked Ganga from far and she is looking at her too.Ganga is crying and remembers to all what she had said to Pronita before.They both hugged each other.

(I cried a lot after watching this part )


Pronita says kismat had played all this with her and she got everything that she wanted today,but still even I had my victory,I am lonely.I did everything for that person.Today went you all know that I am Bani Mr.Walia is not here.Today after looking at him I wanted to break my fast,I want to tell him that I am Bani,but he is not here.

She says he left me and went far away.She was going to faint and Jai hold her back ,everyone was watching.(suna suna lamha lamha song been played again)

Bani and Jai looked at each other.Jai remembers the time he felt Pronita was Bani.She fainted again and the flashback scene came back when she fainted in front of Jai before in the mandir as Pronita before when they first met.


nice one
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2008, 6th, november, update, written

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