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Default Karan Singh Grover Interview

[u]DOCTOR COOL's Interview

He is the cool dude of Indian Television .From Mumbai to Malaysia,he has the girlsscreaming for him .Actor Karan Singh Grover is TV's new pin-up boy .In town to shoot for a jewellery ad(yes,you read that right !),the doctor from Dil Mill Gayye spoke to t2.....

Is this your first trip the Calcutta?

I was here last year to collect an award. But being in Calcutta is a great feeling. I have been here less than 24 hours, but the warmth that everyone interested the exudes has made me very comfortable. It's unfortunate that this time around I haven't had the chance to see anything of Calcutta.

Does your fondness for the city have anything to do with the fact that you have a large female fans following here?

Well, maybe (laughs). I do get a lot of fan mail from the city. And whenever I am here, I am always happy to see that people recognize me, that they appreciate my work. Even now, I have been kidnapped by two lovely Calcutta Girls - Angelina and Kasvie -who were present at the shoot and are insisting that they have to drop me to the airport!

Your character in Dill Mill Gaye is a cool dude and a true blue romantic. Given your conventional good looks and easy charm, do you think that the danger of being typecast in that mould?

Good looks and easy charm make me hero, right? And who wouldn't want to be typecast as a hero? (Laughs). As far as I am concerned, I am extremely happy with the kind of adulation and appreciation that I had been getting for my character and I wouldn't want it any other way.

You are now hosting the celebrity dance show Zara Nach Ke Dikha on star one. What's easier-acting or anchoring?

I love both and I am equally comfortable in both roles. However I must admit that initially I had a huge problem reading out from a teleprompter. I'm very spontaneous performer and doing something like that was a bit uncomfortable. However, now I had been given a lot of freedom that I am doing a better job. (Smiles)

Unlike most of your contemporaries you haven't really jumped on to the saas bahu bandwagon yet...

Now that's something that I can't really relate to . It's not that I haven't tried my hand at the genre, but I was very uncomfortable and the audience could see that I wasn't comfortable . A saas bahu serial is not something that I can see on my acting CV

What about a film on that CV?

Films is a natural progression from television and I am definitely among those who would like to see myself in a film.But nothing substantial and interesting has come my way yet. As I said earlier I wouldn't really like to do anything that I can't relate to.

One learns that you are quite a movie buff. Any recent film you'll wish you would have loved to be a part of?

Ooh... Han**** most definitely would love to have been a super hero flying around and beating up the baddies!

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