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Default Bad back gets Divyanka down

Divyanka Tripathi - Vidya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - has been laid low with a slipped disc. And she says she has tried many remedies without relief.

“It started in April when I got a spasm in my shoulder due to over- stress” says Divyanka. After this she was advised by her doctor to rest for a couple of days. Unfortunately, the actress couldn't take a break then and was shooting for Dulhan. It took a whole month, says Divyanka, for her to find the space to finally take some time off and give her battered body a break.

Television has one of the most manic work cultures and six-day 14-hour schedules are the norm for busy actors.

Divyanka says she was unsure that a small thing such as a back spasm could affect her health to the extent it then did. So she went for another test.

“In June when I went for MRI, I was told that my pain was from a slipped disc” says the star. But even this didn’t or rather couldn’t stop her from work as being a critical part of a daily needs a lot of shots.

As her condition tormented her, Divyanka tried a range of remedies.Initially she chose physiotherapy with allopathic medication.However that didn’t cure her completely and she switched to another doctor who, she says, wasn’t particularly good. Then she decided to give Neuropathy a go.

“In Neuropathy, they apply acupressure to the affected nerves” explains Divyanka, “Neuropathy gave me relief for a period but the pain aggravated when I had to do some specific sequences”.

For the last week, Divyanka has been trying good old Ayurveda. Asked if this had improved her condition, she said: “Ayurveda takes time, but hopefully it will cure me”.

The actress wears a belt around her waist while shooting, which she uses even when she’s giving her close-ups.

So how does she manage to shoot despite her pain?

“It's all work, life doesn’t stop!” says the Dulhan.

Here's wishing Divyanka a speedy recovery!
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