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Default written update of 17th june

Episode starts with Sindoora reading the letter which she had written for divya. Letter says go in the room which is always closed, you will find there those things which u see in ur dreams.

Chachi is dancing on some song and eventually she faints. Between this someone throws letter on divya's lehnga (sorry i missed who throwed tht). Divya wonders who can do this.

Rajeev thinks tht mehendi ceremony has started but sindoora havnt done anything yet, so had her plan failed or is she planing something after mehandi ceremony.

Divya goes into her room and reads the letter. After reading she decides to go into tht room tonite. She goes into the room and there she see a skeleton wearing the same blue sari which vidya was wearing when she died. She gets scared and run out of the room. While running she bumps into amar and while crying tells her wat she has seen. Rajeev, Sindoora and chandra also come over there. She takes amar to the room.

-------------------------------Break------------------------ ---------------

There is nothing in the room as usual. Divya tries to convice amar but all in vain.

Doctor gives injection to divya and tells sindoora tht her condition is getting worse day by day. She needs complete rest and should not be given any kind of tension.

Rajeev thinks tht this was sin's plan to prove divya "pagal" infront of everyone. Sin says (in her mind) you are right rajeev i was the one who kept sending those letters to divya as her well wisher. Then they show us how she put those letters under her blanket etc.

Everyone leaves the room except sin & amar. Sin says to amar they should postpone the wedding as doctor has adviced her complete rest. Amar says we should wait for tomorrow. May be she gets better by tomorrow. Amar leaves the room and sindoora gets frustrated on amar's decision. Rajeev was listeing the conversation and gets some relief.

------------------------------Break------------------------- ----------------

Amar goes into the room where her mom (dun knw her name) and chintu were sitting. Her mom says u are looking tensed. Amar tells her there is some tension. Then he tells her about whole samrat-divya wedding incident. Her mom advices her to be with divya as she needs him the most this time.
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