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Default 30th December 2008 KS written update


The show starts with someone is telling Veer that fuis in the house is not working and if someone touch it ,it can be danger to someone's life.Veer is thinking about it and ask the person to go home and he'll look into it.He keeps on telling to himself that Bani have to die.

Bani then comes there and calls Veer.Veer says t himself that today no one will listen to as your death day is calling you and up there Pushkar is waiting for you .Bani uses the house phone to call him and he asked who is talking there and Bani replies and said that she is Bani to him.Bani ask where is he and Veer says that why did you come here.They are having the convo through the phone.

Bani says that she wants to me him and explain to him everything so that it can clear all the misunderstanding.Veer ask her to go from there.Bani tells him that she wants to meet him just for once and she tells him that whatever he is doing now it is not good.Veer is thinking that why is the spark light not falling down as what the servant in his house said that the fuis wasn't working and it could be danger to anyone.

Veer still ask her to go away and she is still on to meet him and she tells him all he is doing is not good.The fuis was burning and Bani is standing under it and Veer is watching everything.Veer tells her that Bani if you want your life to be save go from here and she is still on to talk to him.The light is on to fall.

It fell and Jai came and save her

Veer saw the light was under but Bani was not there.He went down and started to look for her but she wasn't there.Jai then came and slapped him.Jai says your plan had failed na?Bani is save?You wanna know why?It is because Bani is not alone,I'm with her.Jai tells him that what type of a person are you?You're my biggest mistake in my life.Jai says what do you think of yourself?First you killed Pushkar and now you wanna kill Bani?Jai tells him to kill him.Jai warns him that if anything happen to Bani he will not leave him.

Veer says that this is the problem whatever Bani does it will look good in front of everyone and today because of her I didn't get my father's name.Jai says it all is bakwas and Jai ask Bnai to tell Veer and Veer says not come in the middle of this.Veer ask him to give the Veer Walia name to him and he knows he can't give it to him as Bani is till here.Veer says until when you're going to save her and one day it will come when she is alone and I will kill her.

Jai says that you can never touch her and if I want to I can sent the whole day with her.Jai ask him to think properly and he ask Bani to follow him to leave.


Jai tells Bani that what you did was right but whatever that boy did today,I can never forget it.Jai says that he is not going to take him in a right way anymore.He tells Bani that starting from today he wants Bani to be with him forever.Bani tells him that if you're with me nothing bad will happen to me.Not to me or to my family.Bani says once she was out of danger it is because your love and you are with me.

Adi ask Varun and Vicky what happen?They told him that Veer did not go to his his office since two days.Bani came and told them that Veer was not in the office because we took him out to eat.Jai tells them that Veer needs sometime.

Varun and Vicky leaves from there after listening to what Bani had just told them.Adi says till when are you going to lie to them.Rano tells him that Bani and Jai did really went to meet Veer and Adi ask why?Rano says so that they can bring him to the right path.Pia says then what had happen now?Is he thinking the right now?Pia says she is sure that he behaved wrongly to them.

Bani tells Pia that nothing happen and he was not there went they went to meet him.Bani says she is confident that Veer will understand about it.

Rishi is purchasing ticket to Hyderbad,and Ganga ask him why are they going there?Rishi doesn't want to answer her and she asked him again and he replied by saying that because Priytush is there.Rishi tells her that she was right about what she told her on yesterday night.

Rishi says because of this marriage is the only reason you can't be with him na Ganga,I will make you both to be together again.(I'm thinking about the hindi movie called Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam now,hehehe)same scene

Rishi ask her to sit at the other site and she ask why he bought different sit.

Rishi says that you are the one you said that if you are with me,you cannot breath.

Bani tells Jai what should I do Mr.Walia if I tell Pia about it,she'll be down.The realtionship between them then will be break off.Jai tells that Veer won't change that easily Bani.

Bani tells that haan she knows and whatever Jai did today was right it is good for Veer.Jigyasa thinks what is happening and why should Jai be in between of Bani and Veer.

Jigyasa says that she should meet Veer.Mr.Walia was trying to call Veer but Veer hanged the phone down.Veer is thinking about all that Jai had told him.


Jigyasa went to meet him and Veer was not there.In the morning at Walia Mansion everyone was having their breakfast and Jai ask Vicky to take over the office job today as he can't make to go to office today.Jai says that he and Adi is going to the some prayers for Pushkar today and Pia says that she wants to follow them.Bani says that they all should go.

Everyone was attending the prayers near to a sea.The pandit ji says that if his son does all the part his atma will have shanti.Jai tells that he have to do it as his son and Veer comes there and said hai yahan.Everyones looked weird as he came there.

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