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Default Bad News Guys...more info on extended strike....

hey guys..i was just checkin out news at home and they said that the strike's been imposed again..this time by the Sound Recordists and the Make-up people....and the news is confirmed coz my dad's an actor and they are not shooting till this strike gets over too!!!! aaaaaaargh!!!!! im soo pissed!!!!!! but i do hope this strike get over in the weekend that we can watch new epi's from monday....wot say guys?? im sorry i'm the one giving u'll the news....

well i just got the news dat the meeting between the two parties of strike is gonna take place on 28th i guess we'll have to do with another week of sooo sick!!! its sooo damn irritating!!!!! but im still keeping my hopes high on the strike getting over by the weekend.....lets all pray togetha!!!! it mite work!!!!
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