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Default Have Shilpa Shinde, Neha Bamb patched up?

There is no love lost between Shilpa Shinde and Neha Bamb. The two siblings from Maayka have had their fair share of controversies. However, if sources are to be believed, the duo has buried the hatchet.

Apart from chatting frequently, the girls were even said to have eaten food off the same plate. We called both Neha and Shilpa to find out the truth but neither of them was available.

So, we rang up Zarina Wahab, who plays mother to the two in the show. The veteran actress said, "I don't about their past because I wasn't there then but the two seemed to enjoy a cordial relationship. They do chat with each other like every co-actors do. I can't comment on them having food in the same plate, as I didn't see that."

She further added, "Shilpa and I travelled to Ajmer Sherif recently. Rivalry between actors is a common feature but it's important that it be a healthy rivalry. I've found both these girls friendly."

So, is it Zarina's influence that has calmed things between the warring ladies? Says Zarina, "I don't know about that but I'm the one who always has positive attitude towards everything in life. If my positivity has rubbed off on to them then it's good for the show."
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