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Default July 17 episode written

Everyone eager to kow what happened in todays episode read this update

Sulochana goes and gives Astha sleeping pills to mix in Swayam’s coffee so that she could go and meet her father. Swayam acts normal in front of Astha, he fas the coffee and falls unconscious. As she is about to go, Swayam holds her hand but falls unconscious again. Sulochana asks her to be back withinh 4 hours as after that Swayam would gain consciousness. She goes to meet Purnendu where Shubh gets a call from Karan. In the next scene we show Shubh and Astha’s car stopping outside a farm house where Mark is forcing himself upon Shilpa. Shubh and Astha come in the nick of time and save Shilpa. Mark runs away and Astha slaps Shilpa. Swayam wakes up and he remembers everything about Shubh and Astha and his doubts get confirmed that there is something between the both of them and we freeze.

credit: setindia

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