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Bollywood 01-23-2009 12:34 PM

28th brief written update
Everyone is at the gurdwara taking blessings from god. Cherry comes there too and takes blessings while sitting with soni and mahi. They look at her and cherry smiles at them. They dont say anything.

Shabd is asking jeet that if he is able to find cherry's partner. Jeet says not but he is really close to catching him. Jyoti comes there too and she tells jeet that it's funny how they are really close to catching the person who is with cherry and permeet, but they are not able to catch them. Then jeet tells them both how he saw cherry's partner at the mall yesterday, but wasn't able to see who it was. Jyoti also mentions how she almost caught permeet with the girl in the outhouse but couldn't see the girls face. She then shows her the cloth that the girl left behind in the outhouse and jeet is looking at it and it thinking. Jyoti says that she hopes she'll find the girl soon and asks god to help her. The cloth flies away and lands near cherry. She picks it up and then she thinks that how come her cloth ended up here. Jeet, jyoti, and shabd are shocked. Cherry leaves from there.

Jeet and jyoti now gets all the flashbacks of permeet and cherry and how they got the little clues. Jyoti couldn't believe it and she is really pissed. She tells jeet that all along it was cherry who took her marriage life away from her. Jeet tells her that he can't believe it either. Jyoti says that she is going to tell the whole family when jeet stops her. He takes her away and shabd follows. He tells jyoti that she is not the only one who was betrayed. Jyoti tells him how can he be so calm and jeet tells her that if they tell the family now, no one will believe them. Knowing cherry and permeet, they'll erase all the evidence against them and they wont' be able to take any actions. He tells jyoti that he don't want her to let them go, but to have patience. Jeet then tells shabd that they'll have to make a plan which will get cherry and permeet in trouble and then no law will be able to protect them. Jyoti tells themt hat she will not forgive them both.

everyone is back home and soni, mahi , and moni are in soni's room. Moni shows soni the little clothes she made for the unborn. Soni and mahi finds it really cute and moni tells them when they were little, she use to make these for them too. Then mahi asks soni that if she wants a boy or girl. Soni goes in flashback of veer and when he was talking to his unborn child while soni was acting as if she was sleeping. Veer told the child how much he loves the child and he even thought of the names for either a boy or girl. Soni comes back from flashback and she tells them that she doesn't know about anyone else, but when she'll have the kids, she'll know that veer will be really happy. Mahi and moni are sad to hear that and then soni changes her conversation. She tells them that she'll make breakfast and mahi said that she'll make it today and they both leave the room. Moni tells them they left her alone and she'll go too. Outside the room she meets khurrana and durga. Durga tells moni how happy soni is today and it's been such a long time she didn't see her happy like this. Then durga tells moni of how she wants to marry soni again because she has her whole life ahead of her and they are getting old now. Moni is shocked but she tells them that she don't think soni will agree to this. Durga says that she knows, but she only wanted to know moni's opinion on this. Moni is happy with the decision and khurrana tells moni that god will find a really good guy for soni and he'll come infront of us one day. Just then jeet pops up in front of them and all three smile. Jeet tells them that the breakfast is ready. The end.

next epi: Everyone is having breakfast when jeet tells permeet that he somehow knows his canada address from somewhere. He then tells permeet that even cherry has the same addres. Permeet and cherry are shocked to hear this and jeet calmly says that you guys use to live in the same building. Permeet and cherry looks worried.

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