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Bollywood 01-23-2009 12:27 PM

Maayka Update- 22nd july 08

Cherry hits jeet with a stick when he tries to reveal the parmeets mask. Parmeet is shown to be the person that helps cherry out. They both hear jyoti and drag unconscious jeet a side. Cherry tells parmeet to go and that she will handle jeet.

Part 1

Durga, mr. Khurana and cherry are bringing jeet inside the house. They clean the blood off the body and are worried about how he got hurt. Soni also walks in and sees jeets condition, she is shocked and worried but the family tells her to go and relax assuring her jeet will be fine. Mr. Khurna asks cherry what jeet was doing at this hour outside. Cheery says she doesn�t know. Jyoti says you should know why you were there? Cherry says she just was walking. She tells jyoti that she is lucky that her brother was saved by her. Jyoti says well you were walking? I don�t believe that . parmeet cuts in to save cherry and says well we should not be arguing right now but taking care of jeet. He says he will ring the doctor but jyoti says she has already done it. Jyoti says well when all of this happened you weren�t in your room either. I looked for you everywhere. Parmeeet says did you check the studyroom.? Wel I was there doing some work. I told you about it aswell. The door bell rings and parmeet goes to open it.

Next morning durga and her husband walk out the room and see soni in the corner. Soni asks about jeet and durga says he is ok. Soni looks in to jeets room and goes in hesitantly. She watches him and put a blanket on him and walks out. Cherry watches this and is not happy.

At sareen house shabd is getting ready and mahi brings his waist coat. He tries to romance with mahi but she tells him he is getting late and should go to office. Shabd says god I am so romantic and you gave me an unromantic wife.shabd says shall I cancel going today you look too cute. Mahi says no. mahi says you are such a good husband you took a day off for me so you will cook and I will eat you will wash the clothes for me and you can help gauri do some work as well.shabd says mahi you were right I should go to work and he walks off. Mahi laughs and shabd and sees he forgot his mobile and runs after him. suddenly she stops as someone holds her hand she thinks it is shabd and smiles but it is really angad mahi does not know he hugs her and squashes her. Mahi tells him to let go and then she turns to see angad. She is shocked and pushes hi away.

Part 2

Mahi is so devasted and says what a bad thing you are doing to me. Angad says how good you call me love so low. You should answer me with love. Mahi tell him he has a last chance to stay away from her. Angad laughs telling her it will be difficult. Angad says he is only marrying kamya to get close to her. Mahi walks off angry. Mahi runs down the stairs and see shabd who tells her angads dad is here. shabd tells her that angads dad has come to talk about the engagement. She sees angad coming down the stairs and looks scared. Everybody is happy about the engagment except mahi and then kamya walks down the stairs. She asks everyone why they are looking at her like that. Moni says we are talking about your engagement when do you want to do it? Kamya says can we wait for a bit. Everyone looks shocked. She then says but I think angad wants to do it quickly so we will do it. Everyone started smiling. Angad says I cant wait to be a part of this family , he then looks at mahi and smiles at her. Mahi looks away.

Part 3

Jeet came from his room... and her mom ask are u ok? and he said that i m ok... and his mom said.."thanks god.. tum abhi tikh ho...

THank his dad ask tht "u didn't tell us how it happened"???

THan he said tht "yesterday night some1 was outside of our house..

I saw tht person"

THank his mom asked.."u saw that persone??? but u went thr yesterday???

Thank jeet said tht " yesterday night when i was in my room.. THan i saw some1 was looking at my room...THan i went outside to catch tht poerson...but than some1 hit on my head.. After tht wat happen i don't know... when i wake up.. i was in my room..."

Jeet mom Ask tht " Did you see the persone face"..??? He said "no"..

he said..tht the person hit me from back so tht why i didn't see tht person face... but i could guess who is tht perosn... than he said tht the person might be a thief.... i saw one of his/her freind... later when i goin to see the other perso face... tht person hit me on my head... and main behosh ho gaia... than they({thiefs) left...

i think tht we wasn't home many days.. tht why the thiefs came to still...but they didn't know tht we came back at home.... (becharai bat kismaat chor...

and his dad say tht jeet his correct they are thief... but i think we shud go to police... for tht...

than his mom said tht yeah i agree... we shud go to police...

than jeet said tht we don't need to go to police... cause i don't think tht the thief going to come again... n he said tht police don't do nothing in big problem.. n this is just a small problem....

Than they start eating break fast....

some few times later... Jeet's mom ask Cherry.. tht u was thr also.. but u didn't see the thief right???

THan cherry said tht.. i think the thief left before i went thr...i didn't stay tht much time.. cause when i saw Jeet behosh.. i call u ppl... You knows tht...

THan Jeet man main kehe ta hai... i know cherry tht u hit me... n idon't want u to know tht... i want u to do more mistake... than i will catch you.. than u will get big punish ment for ur mistake...

The End...

(forgive me for the mistake..)


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