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Bollywood 01-23-2009 01:28 PM

31st july brief written update
Mahi is standing in her room, thinking of what happened at the engagement. She thinks about what cherry and kamiya said to her.

In kamiya's room, shabd is trying to make kamiya understand why mahi acted like that at her engagement and mahi was only trying to protect soni because cherry was accusing soni of stupid things. Kamiya is not ready to listen and she tells shabd that mahi did all that because she cant see kamiya happy. Kamiya adds that mahi never liked angad and mahi doesnt want to see kamiya marry angad. Shabd tries to tell her that mahi has no problem with kamiya marrying angad now and she is really happy for kamiya because she was the first one to do all the decorations and mahi was the first one to dance in the party. Kamiya softens up and shabd asks her that there are only two important people in his life which is mahi and kamiya. He asks kamiya to live as a family with them because in a few days, she'll get married to angad and will soon leave the house. Kamiya hugs shabd and she tells him to come with her to see mahi so she can apologize to mahi.

In mahi's room, someone put hands on mahi's shoulder. Mahi thinks its shabd because she was facing the window. She tells him that she is really sorry and she wants to apologize to kamiya. She feels really bad for doing all that on her engagement. Mahi turns around and its angad. She is pissed seeing him and he tells her that he came to compliment her for her fighting and that she fights like a lioness. Mahi is more pissed and she blames angad for everything. She adds that she won't let kamiya marry him at all. Shabd and kamiya come in and they hear mahi saying that. Kamiya and shabd are pissed and angad quickly changes his conversation. He tells mahi that he only came here to apologize to her for kamiya's behavior just to show shabd and kamiya that he is innocent. Mahi tries to tell shabd and kamiya that he is lying, but kamiya loses her temper and she tells mahi that she wont apologize to her. She leaves with angad. Shabd just looks at her and mahi tries to tell him that angad was lying, but shabd tells her that he doesn't want to hear anything from her mouth and leaves the room.

At soni's place, durga is in her room with khuranna. She is not able to sleep and she is feeling guilty for everything she did to soni. She tells khuranna that everything is happening because of her. She took cherry's side to insult soni and cherry turned out to be evil. She cries and khurrana consoles her.

Jeet is thinking about what soni said to him about cherry and how she still loves veer. Jeet thinks to himself that he is sure soni gets hurt by cherry's words and that he won't take it anymore. He thinks that he has to do something about cherry soon. Cherry comes in his room and tries to be romantic with jeet. Jeet gets irritated. She tells him what he wants from her. Jeet tells her that he'll show her what he wants. he grabs her arm and takes her outside the house. The other familly members wake up as well. They see jeet throwing cherry out of the house. He tells her that he wants her out of his house forever. He adds that she can go to police or court and he don't care, because he would rather live away from her. He also tells her that as long as he is in his house, he won't let cherry enter. The end.

next epi: Jeet is worried because he is not able to get his parents bail due to court being closed on the weekend. He doesn't know what to do and cherry comes there. (most likely, cherry sent his parents to jail instead of jeet)

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