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Bollywood 01-14-2009 02:28 PM

BMTD Needs Some Major changes
Okay firstly I would just like to say that I am a die hard BMTD fan, and have been watching this show religiously since day one..However, in recent months I have become very disappointed at the story line, writers, and who ever else holds responsibility as to what is going on in the show.

There are many many discrepancies that need to be addressed..

1. Wasn't Divya originally an english speaking, western clothing wearing, girl from london..???What happened to all her dresses...??? Now that she is married, she wears the same sari's as vidya, does her hair the same way, and is quite and just not the same. Divya used to be very out spoken and now she is just like the same old vidya. She doesn't speak up for herself, or even question her husband.

2. Amar makes me laugh. He was a poor guy that came from a poor village. Didn't know one word of english, gets settled into singh parivar inherits all this money and is acting like a suave businessman all of the sudden..??

3. Where is Sindoora's son bharath..??Where was he all these years..and why didn't she ever try and find him??? What kind of a mother is she..??

4. Where is that damn tape that Vidya and Sagar hid??

5. Why doesn't Amar remember a single thing from his pichle jaanam and why does Vidya remember everything when it was the other way around in the beginning? Amar used to get the flashbacks and always take about his pichle jaanam he used to even draw Divya/Vidya's eyes...? She never really remembered anything and he did, but now its the opposite...

These are just a few questions that I have and some of you may feel the same...any commentary on this subject would be great..feel free to post ur replies.. as I am curious to know what other viewers are feeling

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