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9th September 2008 KS written update

The shows start with everyone is praying.Pronita ask for blessings form the Ganapathi.Priytush move to a side and the Mitals does it too.Meera ask them why what happen,Priytush says the people who standing behind is our creditors,Mr.Mital says see them,if they say everything then,all our plan will not work(SO FUNNY SCENE ask Priytush to take Ganga with them and Pronita stops ,says you have to hand out the holy food to the guest.Jai says yeah first time you came to this house.

Mr.Mital was giving some prasad to all of them in the house and too the creditors too,and the creditos says you are the one the one who took our money from us.Aditya approach by saying talk with respect to them ,they are our guest.The creaditors said you know they the fraud.Jai says what is happening.The creditors then said Walia sir they took money from us ,and they leave America and came here to India without settle about the debts.

All the creditors was telling the amounts that mitals took from them.Pronita says what is this Priytush all are talking about this and tell the truth Priytush,and why you wanna marry Ganga.Jai says what have you done Mr.Mital,now right now I will cancel this marriage.and you can get lost from this house.


The shows starts with a men talking about by saying that this Mitals family is a fraud family.The men also said to Pronita that you didn't tell us that Priytush is getting married to Ganga.We don't want to make a sin by stopping this marriage ceremony Pronita.(Pronita was a bit shock).We came here because Mitals are our competitors,and we don't them(Mitals)to deal with the Walia and go away from us.Now we know that all this you want us to stop this marriage(everyone seems to be very shock and Pronita too).

Mr.Mital says what a respect you gave us.Mr.Walia we will never forget about this.This women he means Pronita was so rude to us.And Mr.Walia if there is no trust in a relationship for what for us to bulid this relationship.We can't tolerate with this anymore Mr.Walia.Chalo Priytush.The Mitals went off to a room in Walia House.

Jai says Pronita,you told a lie to these people.Why Pronita,why did you do all this.Ganga says I knew this all will happen papa.Don't know what is her problem ,she never wants me to be happy.First you took my papa from me,and make my sister and brother to go far from me and now Priytush.And now Priytush is leaving.Go and say sorry to them and stop them from leaving this house.

Jai says Ganga is right Pronita,you have done all this and now you have to stop them and say sorry.Pronita says no Mr.Walia I won't to that,I won't ask for forgiveness from them.I won't stop them.Jai says you had done everything and you don't wanna ask for forgiveness?

Ganga says papa if they are leaving then I will go with them if not she have to leave,and its yr choice Pronita.You stop them or else you leave this house.(omg Jai says the same thing

Pronita said this to herself(if I don't stop them,Ganga will go with them,and Meera will win this battle,and I have to leave this house,no I cannot leave this house,I have to stop Meera from doing all this so I have to stop the Mitals)

Pronita says wait for a minute to the Mitals.Pronita apologies and says as you said before i am nobody to this house(aawwww so sad )and for my mistake don't put a blame on my family.

Mr.Mital says okay we forgive you,and we don't this to happen again.

Meera says what has happen had happen,come.Jai i will convince them.

Everyone leaves from the hall,and Meera talks to Pronita.

Meera says you don't see how my plan had work.Chalo let me tell you,I took the creditors to one side and persuade them with money.By saying she will return all Mitals money to the creditors but they have to work with them.And the creditors agree.They wanted money and I gave them.You look bad in everyones eye and Jai's too now.and Ganga who hates you too.

Meera says once Ganga is married and she will be in the hell in Mitals family and you Pronita will be knock out from this family,will make sure she will get married in 5 days and you will be knock out on the 6 days.And Pronita tell me how is this.

Pronita says nothing will happen as you think.And how many times all this had happen Meera,and I stopped you so many times.And I wont let Ganga to marry that Priytush.Pronita took KASAMH on the Gannapathi light and says I will never let Ganga to marry him and let her go from this house.

Meera says so i will take the KASAMH too,Ganga will get married to him and you Pronita will leave this house.

Pronita says you forgot Meera that this is God place,and the truth will always win.Meera says this is kalhuk.


Jai goes to Ganga who is crying.Jai ask Ganga to stop crying.How to stop papa ,you know what did Pronita did right.Priytush says what Jai uncle told was right,stop crying.Jai says I thought i was the only one who loves her the most,but you does it too.

Jai says Priytush what ever happen just now on the behalf of Pronita im sorry.

Mr.Mital and Mrs.Mital ,and Meera too come.

Mr.Mital says let it be Mr.Walia,whatever happen just forget about it.I just want to forget it as a bad dream.Mrs.Mital says don't feel bad about what im trying to say about Pronita,she has no special rista in this family,and I hav ea request that Pronita will not be in that Mehndi rasam tommorow .It will be better if she didn't join.Mr.Mitals says whatever happen today was not good,so I feel better to avoid her from this wedding.

Jai says I know she had done a mistake,she have to be part of this,family cant take her out from this coz it is really rude.I will talk to her about this and this will not happen again.That I promise you.Mr.Mital agrees.Mrs.Mital says to Ganga come lets go down.Everyone went off accept for Jai and Meera.

Meera says why Jai,you love Pronita this much.Mitals says not to invite Pronita for the wedding and you disagree with it.For me I think rather than Ganga Pronita is important to you.Jai says what are you trying to say.Meera says I just want to tell you that you've change,I hate Ganga because she is Bani's daughter and I agree for all this act is because I want to see you happy.If your daughter is happy and I know you will be happy and I know about this very well.But Pronita had done all this and you still give her the space.

Jai says I know about Pronita very well,if she does all this ,that should be a reason behind it.Meera says yeah reason,and the reason is insecure,I took her place naa so she don't like it.She still don't like that I will be doing all the rasams,and thats why she is doing all this,its simple.

Jai says stop all your bakwas,I don't want to listen.Meera talk to herself i've done a bit i will put more fire in your relationship with her.Just wait.


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