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Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka 24th July 08 Written Update
Part 1:

The epi begins with Joyti goin with Mr. K to the office but the car doesnt start. Parmeet comes to help and pulls up his sleeves. We see the scratch marks on his arm. Jeet comes to help. Before Jeet can see teh marks, Parmeet realizes them and quickly moves his hand away and pulls down the sleeve. Jeet tells Mr. K to go in his car and he agrees. Parmeet gets a look on his face.

Angad goes to the roof and sees someone. He goes and puts his arms around her. He says i knew u felt the connection. It turns out to be Kamna. His shocked. She says yes we do have a connection. But y didnt u tell me u wanted to meet, y tell mahi to give me the message? U get shy too. Mahi watches all this and Angad is thinkin u won this round but i always win.

At the Kurana house, we see Jeet in his room lookin at a file and Cherry walks in after her shower. Jeet is annoyed to see her. Cherry says how was ur day Jeet, i saw u and soni together. Interesting style, in the house u guys are seperate, outside together. Jeet screams shut up! If u dont the whole story then dont talk. The people who have dirty hearts, it becomes their eyes and they see everything dirty. Jeet starts to walk away but Cherry stops him and says ur angry... im ur wife. i have the right to kno. She is still holding his arm. Jeets tells her to let go. Cherry says ok but on one condition, you stay here with me. Jeet says no and i will always say kno to u. You can do watever u want but wat u want to do with me will never happen! Jeet leaves and cherry says to herself dont talk so big Jeet, it will break because what i want i have planned out.

Part 2:

Soni and Mahi are on the talking. Soni knows about angad. Someone comes behind mahi and puts their arm around her. She turns around ready to slap the person and it turns out to be Shabd. Shabd is shocked and Mahi quickly puts her hand down and says to scared the life out of me. Shabd says u ahve nothing to be scared of with me (the lion) around. Mahi jokes and says taiji look.. Shabd gets scared . Cute Shahi moment. Must watch

Part 3:

Cherry is looking for jeet and asks wat sari will look great on me. She says i brought a suit for u too and we will look like the best couple at Kamna's engagement. He takes the suit and throws it. He says that we are invited not u. No one wants to see ur face. Cherry says im ur wife. jeet says only by name. Otherwise we have no relationship. So shut up and leave my room. She doesnt move so he drags her out screaming Get OUT. And slams the door in his face. Cherry throws the saris and the epi ends on her face.

Precap: Parmeet opens the house door and the police come in. Jeet is shocked.


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