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Friends Forever (part 111 Updated)
hey everyone this is my ff from part 1

part 1

Hey every one

my name is amber.I just decided to write a fan fiction if uall will love da first part ill definitely continue n im inspired by my own life ,some of my imagination n kuch idher udher se so first let me introduce da background

Armaan ridhima n anjali are childhood friends armaan is not at all interested in ridhima coz of her thick glasses


Armaan,a naughty boy not very much hard workin but is a big flirt has a cool look every gal in da college just die on him but there is a gal ridhimma


very hard workin,wears thick glasses ,who isnot at all interested in him her problem is she gets irritated very easily n does not care how she looks


ridhimaas older sister is gud friend of armaan n is very much like armaan every1 die on her but she nah!! N theres a boy named atul


is gud friend of ridhimma n is lyk her hardworking wears glasses

today is there first day in da medical college day starts ridhima @ her place,da basket ball court playing basket ball wid her friends when armaan comesdere every one after seeing armaan runs towards him

armaan:hey every one aj mujh se pehle hi

a gal in da crowd:hey armaan lukin hot today

armaan:thanx sweetie pie

dat gal again:tumhe dar anhi lag raha ajj college ka pehla din hai mai to buhat dare hoe ho

armaan:armaan malik kisi se nahi darta

ridhima while playing basketball alone)dar unhe lagta hai jinho ne kabhi koi aim banaya ho ye toh awae doctor banne chala hai

armaan:hey chashmish tumbhi yaha ho oops sorry I did not noticed u!(in an irritating voice)

ridhimma:huh who wants to be noticed by u!

armaan moves towards ridz n say

armaan:hey chachishmish kiya baat hai ajj court nahi kerna

ridhima:kiya faida roz to tum harte ho

armaan:ajj nahi haro ga

ridhima:roz yahe kehte ho

armaan:nahi khelna to sedhe tarha kaho na keh tum ajj college ke first day ki tension mai ho

ridhimma:nahi mujhekoi tension nahi ho rahe

armaan:ho rahe hai

ridhimma:nahi ho rahe

armaan:ho rahe hai

ridhimma:huh!mai ja rahe ho

armaan:while ridhima is going)tension kam lena warna din acha nahi guzre ga

first day of college ridzis comes home after her basketcall n jogging comes to her room n anjali isgetting ready anjali starts saying

Anjali:ridz(nick of ridhima given by anjali)itne der kaha laga de pehla din hai ajj college ka lateho gain a toh phir sara saalkharab guzre ga u know na 1st impression is da last impression

Ridhimma:haa di who actually aj armaan mila tha he is just too much humesha sab ke samne mere besti kerte rehta hai I just hate him

Anjali okitna gussa kyun ker rahe ho jaldi se ab tiyarho jao college ke liye warna lateho jae ge

Ridhimma di

They both get ready n leave 4 college dey both were very nervous meanwhile armaan enetered while whistling

Armaan:hey beautiful(anjali)

Anjali:hey how r u?

Armaan:cool asusual

Anjali:tum ajj nervous nahi ho?

Armaan:armaan malik aur nervous nah!nervous hone ki duty toh kisi aur ki hai (while seeing towards ridhima)

Ridhima giving him a tough look

Dey enter da class anjali n armaan sits together n ridhima sits infront of dem a boy comes n asks ridhma if he can sit wid her she says yes dat boy is atul

Atul:hello im atul joshi nu?

Ridhimma:ridhima shashank gupta

Atul:mujh se dosti karoge

Ridhimma:ya sure

Teachers enter da class everyone introduces demself when ridhimma turn come ridhimma stands up

Ridhimma:good morning ma’am my name is ridhimma shashank gupta I got 998 marks in 2nd year

Teacher:gud sit down please

As ridhima was going to sit armaan pulls her seat back n ridhima fall on da floor everyone starts laughing ridhima gets up

TeacherLpointing her finger towards armaan)hey u boy standup(in a strict voice)

Armaan stands up

Teacher:ur name!?

Armaan:armaan malik

Teacher why didyou pull her chair

Arman:sorry ma’am

Ridhima is soo much embarraced

Teacher:get out of my class

Armaan:but ma’am


Armaan leave da claas

I don’t know if u all liked it or not so plz lemme know if u liked it or I should continue or not n sorry for daa mistakes

plz plz plz lemme know should i stop or continue


this is the 2nd part of friends forever

Hello everyone again

Armaan did not cared when he was sent out of da class when da class was over every1 was coming outn ridhima too

Armaan:maza aya chashmish

Ridhimma:tum mujh se baat bhi mat karo tumne pehle din se hi apna rang dekhana shuroo ker diya pechle saalbhi yahe sab kiya tha tumne but I thought tum sudhar gai ho ge lekin tum

Armaan:armaan malik kisi ke liye nahi badalta

Anjali now stop it both of you

Ridhimma:lekin di shuroo to isi ne kiya than a

Anjali:to khatam tum ker do

Ridhimma:haa ye jang shuroo tumne ki hai armaan but isse khatam maihi karonge

Atul:ridhimma cool down ye armaan to aisa hi hai

Armaan:abe to chup reh mummy daddy boy n btw miss ridhimma is khel mai maza to buhat aae ga well have fun

Ridhimma:well see

Ridhimma moves towards da next class

Anjali:armaan kiya tum bhi na awae usse tang kerte rehte ho ab who gussa ho chuki hai aur to jante hiho jab ridhimma gusse hote hai to kiya hota hai..

Armaan:c’mon beautiful who chashmishkuch nahi ker sakte

Anjali:mere behan hai kuch toh kare gi hi

Armaan:chalo phir lage


The very next day they all come n sat in da class as da mobile phone was not allowed in da class but armaan never followed da rules he camein da class wid mobile asda teacher entered

Armaan:good morning ma’am

Teacher:good morning

Armaan:im sorry ma’am for yesterday it will not happen again n suddenly his mobile rings firstlr he pretended dat he donat know where it was ringing from den

Teacher:mr.armaan malik app kamobile baj raha hai usse uth lijiye

Armaan is very nervous he just switch off da mobile

Teacher:appko pata haina keh yaha mobile phone allowed nahi hai

Armaan:yes ma’am

Every1 was stairing at him

Teacher:toh phir app mobile class mai kyun lae

Armaan:sorry ma’am who…

Teacher:get out of my class!

Armaan:but ma’am


Armaan:ma’am plz maine already aik class mis ker di hai aur mai yaha doc banne ayaho soo plz ma’am

Teacher but appko punishment zaroor mile ge app ab se aik mahene tak mera lecture khareho ke sunne ge who bhi class kepeche

Armaan is so damn shocked but he havenothing to do

Armaan ma’am

As armaan turns ridhimma starts making weird faces armaan understands dat she have done this

Rihdimma shows him a thumbs down

After da class is over anjali talks to armaan

Anjali:dekha maine kaha tha who kuch bhi ker sakte hai

Armaan:nahi kuch nahi kare gi who zyada ajj usne mujhe bata diya keh game shuroo ho chukihai ab tum dekha mai kiya kiya kerta ho

After a week

Teacher:app sab ko to pata hi hoga keh next week science quiz hona hai ab app mai se job hi participate kerna chahta hai mujhse class ke baad mile

Ridhimma is soo excited coz she is going to take part in it

Nextweek when da day before da science quiz ridhimma and anjali was eating her dinner n armaan came dere

Armaan:so ready for da quiz chachmish


Armaan:best of luck

Ridhimma:thanx but tum aur mujhe best of luk something new

Armaan:ya thora pani mile ga

Ridhimma:haa mai abhi late hoo

Armaan jalde gala such raha hai mera


As ridhimma go to da kitchen phone rings anjali was eating dinner so she said to armaan to pick da phone

Anjali:armaan zara phone sunna


Dey were armaan friends to whom armaan told to call

Armaan dat da call was from college

Armaan:ji ma’am theeek hai ji mai usse bata donga

Ridhimma:kis ka phone tha

Armaan:who ma’am ka phone tah college se who keh rahe the keh kal quiz jo pehle 7 baje hone wala tha eoh ab 10 baje hoga

Ridhimma:u sure ma’am ka hi phone tha

She looked @ him wid doubted eyes

Armaan:tumhe mujh pe yakeen nahi hai!


Armaan:c’mon chashmish tumhe lagta hai keh mai is baat mai mazak keronga


Armaan:chalo phir mai chalta ho

Ridhimma:are pani to pete jao

Armaan:nahi pyaas bhoj gai ok phir kal milte hai 10 baje


Next day when ridhima reached dere no one was dere she asked da sweeper sab kaha hai

He said:function khatam ho gaya to sab chale gai

Ridhimma was shocked she just started crying n den went to armaan’s house

Ridhimma:tum apne app ko samajhte kiya ho

Armaan:kiya hoa ridhima?

Ridhima:armaan tum ne buhat ghatiya mazak kiya hai tum mujhe se buhat jealous hote ho kyunki mai tumse zyada intelligent ho

Armaan:kiya bakwaas ker rahe ho tum

Ridhima:tumhe pata hai keh mai kiya bool rahe ho

Armaan:haa maine hi tumhara quiz miss kerwaya coz ye game tumne hi shuroo ki the remember

Ridhimma:armaan shuroo tumne ki the yaad nahi mujhe gira ke


Ridhimma:armaan ye bilkul bhi funny prank nahi tha

Armaan really

Ridhimma:ya n I hate u(while crying)

Armaan:ridhima koi itne serious baat nahi the jot um rone lag gai ho bacho ki tarha

Ridhimma:tumhare liye to kuch bhi serious nahi hota ainda se mujhse baat bhi mat kerna

Armaan:hey chashmish

Ridhimma just wilked out ansoo pohnchte hoe

After ridhimma left armaan thought sab kuch kafi serious ho chukka hai usse aisa nahi kerna chahiye tha

Anjali:armaan yaar itna sab kerne ki kiya zarorat the

Armaan:anjali plz mai oh bas mazaak ker raha tha

Anjali:ab ridhimma ne tumse baat kerne ki than li hai ab who tum se kabhi baat nahi kare ge

Armaan thining a way out

And da episode ends

Now lemme know did u all liked it or not


here is the 3rd part

hey everyone again

im here again wid da next part of my fan fiction but before dat I wanna tell u all sumthing dat I have missed sorry everyone I forgot to tell u abt da family background of armaan ridhima anjali n atul so here it is

armaan is from an unknown family ridhima is his childhood friends but she also dunno abt his parents ridhima n anjali father name is shashank gupta he is a businessman n there mother smriti is a housewife atul’s mom n dad have passed when he was just 7

im very very very sorry about this mistake

so it goes lyk

armaan behaves normally with ridhima but ridhima totally ignores him

Armaan: anjali ajj tum atul ke saath beth jao

Anjali understands wat he was trying to say


Ridhima enters da class n sees anjali is sitting wid atul n armaan is sitting alone n there is no oder place in da class except dat seat so she sits there she totally ignores him teacher enters da class

Teacher:good morning students

Students:good morning ma’am

Teacher:students as u all know we are about to complete our first topic so I want to give u all an assignment of making notes on topic anything related to da topic n u all will submit it to me next week


Anjali gave him a tough look

Anjali by mistake touched atul’s hand n atul got a shock he keep on stairing @ ger

After giving lecture teacher leave da class

Armaan: hey chashmish is baar bhi notes doge na(as armaan always copied ridhima’s notes)

Ridhima: chalo atul

Atul: but ridhima armaan tum se kuch keh raha hai

Ridhima:tumhe sunnahai to tum hi suno ise mai ja raheho BYE!

Armaan:are chashmish

Armaan follows ridhima till da end of coridoor every1 was stairing @ dem

Ridhima: tumhare problem kiya hai tum aise kyun ker rahe ho mujhe tumse baat nahi kerne

Armaan:but yaar kyun itne chote si baat ko itna lamba ker rahe ho

Ridhima: tumhare liye to har baat hi chote hote hai!

Anjali: tum dono phir se shurooho gai tumhe koi kaam nahi hai kiya

Ridhima:mujhe to hai di ye armaan ko hi nahi hai

Anjali: kiya hoa armaan

Armaan: dekho na anjali itne chote se baat ko itna lamba khench rahe hai

Anjali: ab who baat nahi kerne chahte to chor do na usse

Ridhima: exactly

Ridhima moves towards next class

Anjali:tumhe uski itne fikar kab se hone lag gai

Armaan:chill beautiful uski nahi mujhe apnefikar hai notes ka kiya karo ga mai

Anjali:to isi liye smart boy

Armaan: thanx

Scene shifts toridhimas house armaan comes n sit on his knees wid a flower in his hands n start saying

Armaan: plz ridhima plz plz plz mujhe maf kerdo

Ridhima: yeh kiya ker raho ho armaan

Armaan plz plz

Ridhima: ok ok but ajj ke baad aisa ghatiya mazak nahi karoge

Armaan: I promise

Ridhima: ok now stand up maine tumhe maaf kiya

Armaan back to normal

Armaan: ok jalde se apne notes do


Armaan:notes do mere paas tym nahi hai zyada

Ridhima gave him notesn was looking @ da flower

Armaan: tumhare liye nahi hai

Ridhima: huh!

Armaan leaves

He submitted da assignment n got good remarks

@ college

ridhima n her friends named(rita) were playing truth n dare a friend spinned da bottle n It pointed towards ridhima

rita ridhima so truth or dare

ridhima:hmm…. Truth

rita: ok so our question is is there sumthing between u n armaan

ridhima: sumthing…wat?


Ridhima: wat rubbish r u talking mai aur armaan??? Never

Rita: sach keh raheho mai humare paasankhe hai kitne dino se tum dono….

Ridhima: nahi yaar uske saath merakoi rishta nahi hai

N ridhima thought for a moment abt armaan from dat angle n she said to herself

Ridhima: nahi ye pyar nahi ho sakta

N then armaan came

Armaan:kiya nahi ho sakta chachmish

Ridhima just stands up

Ridhima: mujhe jana hai

She moved turned to attend her class n she feels dat her dupata is stucked some where she turns n see dat her dupata is stucked wid armaan’s button

Armaan: are ye kaise phasa chalo tum nahi to umhara dupata hi mujhe pasand kerta hai lolz

Ridhima gave him a tough look n left a friend of armaan named vickey asked him

Vickey: yaar armaan to ridhima kakoun hai?

Armaan: jo tum sab ho…dost

Vickey: lekin tum uske dost se zyada lagte ho

Armaan: dost se zyada

Vickey: ha

Armaan: are to pagal hai kiya tu samajh raha hai keh…mai aur ridhimm…. Nah! Yekabhi nahi ho sakta

Da days passed on n dere fights increased day by day dono kabhibhi aik dosre ko tang kerne ka koi moka hath se na jane dete

Then dey had summer vacations anjali and ridhima went out of the town for spending their vacation wid their parents armaan didn’t knew dat when de are returning so didn’t met them he was asusual playing basketball when a gal came there n started playing football in da opposite direction to armaan armaan could not see her face coz of her beautiful hairs shewas too cool den armaan moved towards her

Armaan:hello yaha nai ae ho

Da gal shook her head lyk yes

Armaan: ok mai armaan is jaga ki jaan

Da gal started laughing n turned

Da episode ends

Hey everyone plz tell me did u liked it or not


here is the 4th part


Da gal turns n armaan get shocked coz she washis ex girl friend muskaan

Muskaan is a Punjabi gal she is soo sweet,very very very frank n do talks sometime in Punjabi(just lyk me)

Muskaan: yaha ki kiya tum to pore duniyaki jaan ho

Armaan n muskaan were broke up coz of mskaan’s Punjabi acsent

Armaan: tum yaha kaise

Muskaan: doctor banne aae ho

Armaan: koun se college mai

Muskaan: government college mai

Armaan: oh waha to mai bhi parhta ho

Muskaan: tum waha kiya kerte ho

Armaan gives him a weird look

Armaan: parhta ho aur kiya kerna hai n by da way tum itne change kaise ho gai as I remember tum bolte Punjabi mai the tumhara baalbhi kafi curly hote the aur….

Muskaan: waqt ke saath insaan ko bhi badalna padta haai but lemme remind u one thing ab hum sirf dost hai sirf dost!

Armaan: ya sure

Same day @ college

Ridhima entered da class n found muskaan sitting onher place

Ridhima:excuse me ye mere seat hai

Muskaan: oh sorry app beth jae mai kahe aur chale jate ho

Ridhima: nahi app merre saath beth jai I don’t mind

Armaan enters n sees ridhima n muskaan sitting together so sits wid anjali n sent atul to sit somewhere else

Armaan: hey muskaan how r u n chashmish ajj court kyun nahi aae

Ridhima: who actually mai….

Armaan: anyways ye hai mere friend muskaan chada

Anjali: hey muskaan

Muskaan shakes hand wid everyone n start chatting wid dem

In recess

Ridhima watches armaan wid muskaan everywhere she had a lil feeling of jealousy but she ignores it armaan starts giving ridhimma’s place to muskaan n ridhimma was not @ all happy wid it

Month passed ridhimma’s jealousy level became tooooo high but she still couldnot understand why such feeling is coming

One day ridhimma decided to talk to armaan about it

Ridhima: armaan mujhe tum se kuch baat kerne hai

Armaan: haa bolo chashmish

Ridhimma: kahe aur chale

Armaan: ya sure

De went to da stair case

Ridhima: armaan tum aisa kyun ker rahe ho

Armaan: aisa kaisa??

Ridhima: tum muskaan ko itne importance kyun de rahe ho

Armaan: to aur kiya tumhe do

Ridhima: nahi armaan ………….woh….mai….

Anjali came running towards ridimma

Anjali: ridhima

ridhimma: haa di bole

anjali: ridhima who mom….

Ridhima: kiya hoa di mom ko kiya hoa??

Anjali started crying: mom ko………heart attack…….

Ridhima: heart attack….(she started crying n ran towards da hospital)

Armaan being a good friend followed him n try to calm her

After reaching hospital shashank was standing there n crying

Ridhima: papa….mom

Shashank: who chali gai

Ridhima ko chakar aae aur who gir gai armaan who was atanding beside her hold her in his hands n take her to darest room

Every1 was soo tensed da stratigy affected ridhimma so badly dat her class results began to fall she didn’t fight wid armaan so shashank decided to shift to London

On dere last dat

Armaan: hey chashmish jaa rahe ho mujhe chor ke

Ridhima: im sorry armaan mom ki yade mujhe yaha jene nahi denge

Armaan: hey yaar tum itne serious kyun ho n u don’t need to be sorry ye tumhare bhale ke liye hi hai n I m sure tum mujhe itna miss bhi nahi karoge

Ridhimma: who mai……

Anjali: chalo ridhimma we are getting late

Armaan: chalo tumhare jane ka waqt aa gaya hai

Ridhima didn’t told armaan anything in da room

When dey came out anjali hugged armaan n said to take care n atul was also dere she just said bye to him n told to take care he was crying sooo badly den anjali n atul went to upload dere bags in da car

Ridhima hugged armaan tightly n starts crying

Armaan: hey chashmish roo mat plz(ters in his eyes)

Ridhima: thanx 4 everything armaan

Armaan: thanx kis liye tumhare saath larne ke liye

Anjali: chalo ridhima hum late ho rahe hai aur papa bhi gare mai beth chuke hai jalde aao

Ridhimma said silently in armaan’s ears while she was hugging him:I love you

She said it in very low voice but armaan understood it ridhima suddenly pulled herself backward

Armaan: ridhima…ye tumne….pehle kyun nahi kaha

Ridhima just turned n went towards da car

Armaan was so shocked n think a moment n recalled all there moments n could not decide whether it was love or not

Ridhima looked at armaan lyk never before she didn’t knew dey will met again or not she will see him again or not

Armaan was just thinking ye ridhima jate jate kiya keh gai

N da episode ends

Hope u all like it plz comment n tell me whether I continue or not


here is the 5th part

Hello everyone

Jaisa keh kaha jata hai keh dooriya who ker dete hai jo nazdikiya nahi ker pate aik dosre ke saath se to sirf aik dosre ko jaana ja sakta hai magar aik dosre ke bager aik dosre ki ahmiyat ko pehchana ja sakta hai jab koi aas paas na ho to aisa lagta hai jaise pore duniya jaise roth si gai ho sare jaha ne app se pe naraz ho gaya ho kuch bhi acha nahi lagta ansoo aa nahi pate aur agar aate hai to jaa nahi pate isi ka naam to pyaar hai…….

Lekin humara armaan is baat ko manne ke liye tiyar hhi nahi tha armaan buhat udas ho gaya tha infact kafi changed bhi ho gaya tha who hard working ho gaya tha imagine armaan n hard working, anyways armaan buhat dukhe rehne lag gaya tha no more basket ball lekin basketball court har roz jata tha no more flirting wid gals only studies

4 saal guzar gai their final day in da college

atul was also soo sad as he ws missing anjali

atul: hi armaan

armaan: hi

Atul: yaar armaan aisa kyun hota hai keh jab koi humare paas hota hai to hum usse itne ahmiyat nahi dete jitney uski absence mai dete hai mujhe samajh mai nahi aa raha keh mai anjali ko kyun miss ker raha ho us ke bager kuch bhi acha nahi lagta

Armaan: abe idiot isse ka naam to piyar hai

Atul: pyar yane keh mujhe pyar ho gaya hai aur who bhi anjali se liken kiya faida who kabhi wapis nahi aae ge (make a sad face n leave)

Armaan thought wat he had said to atul keh agar kisi ki yaad aae toh ye pyar hai!!

Armaan: yane keh mai……ridhima se…….n starts crying

Armaan,muskaan n atul joined sanjeevani for their internship n their was also an other friend of armaan rahul

Rahul was a sophisticated type not @ all talkative handsome n too cool

Muskaan had a crush on rahul she was just dieng on him but he did not knew dat

Dere first day in sanjeevani would be today armaan went to da basketball court where no one was present he just recalled his n ridhimma’s memorys n sat on da bench he was totally lost in their memories suddenly a hand comes to his shoulder this was anjali

Anjali: armaan


Anjali: armaan mai ho anjali

Armaan was totally surprised n hugged her

Armaan: hi how r u? kab aae tum log wapis

Anjali: hum who bas……

Armaan: acha choro ridhimma kaha hai

Anjali: hey mai tumse milne aae ho aur tum ridhimma ka poch rahe ho

Armaan became impatient anjali jaldi batao buhat important kaam hai

Anjali: ghar mai hai kyun kiya hoa armaan

Armaan just ran towards ridhimma’s home all da questions were just making him more excited

As he reached home he was disappointed coz ridhima was not at her home shashank was sitting there

Shashank: are armaan beta aao aoo kaise ho

Armaan: theek uncle app kaise hai kaisa raha London

Shashnk : sab thek lekin apne des ki buhat yaad ate the isi liye wapis aa gai aur waise bhi ridhima aur anjali ab doctor ban chuke hai aur who aik hospital bhi join ker chuke hai for deir internship

Armaan: kounsa hospital

Shashank: mujhe nahi pata beta aur ridhima to waha ke liye nikal bhi gai hai anjali ke saath

Actually this was their plan ridhimma wanted to give armaan a surprise

so armaan returned wid a heavy heart n went to sanjeevani

he was walking soo slowly n thinking of wat to say ridhimma when he will meet her

armaan is kashmakash mai hi tha ke suddenly basketball aa ke uske sar pe laga

she was ridhima who threw basketball on his head armaan turned n ridhimma was changed

ridhima: hey armaan ajj court karoge lolz

armaan was soooo happy

he just ran towards her n hugged her meanwhile anjali came there

anjali: kaisa laga surprise

armaan: buhat acha

Ridhimma: tumhare liye aik aur good news hai

Armaan: kiya

Ridhima: mai aur dib hi isi hospital mai interns ban ke aae hai

Armaan khushi se uchalne laga

Armaan:wow dats gr8 chashmish

Ridhima gave him a tough look: chashmish koun

Armaan: oh sorry ab toh tum glasses nahi lagate

Anjali moved towards da locker room

But armaan couldnot talk to ridhimma about his feelings sumthing was stopping him

Hope u all liked it do comment plz


this is da 6th part

Hey everyone im here again wid da next part of my ff

As I said before sumthing was stopping armaan lekin kiya tha who na usse pata than a kisi aur ko anywayz

Anjali n ridhimma entered locker room da same day

Anjali: hey everyone

Atul was soooo happy dat he came to hug anjali but anjali hugged rahul who was standing beside him

Atul: kabab mai hadi

Rahul n anjali: wat!

Atul: kuch nahi hi anjali kab aae tum wapis tumhe pata hai maine tumhe kitna miss kiya

Anjali: ya ya I know n btw tumhare glasses kaha hai

Atul: who na mai ab lens use kerne lag gaya ho

Anjali: hmm..gud for u

Ridhimma: shake hand wid rahul n rahul kissed her hand armaan saw it n became angry

Ridhimma: armaan tumhe kiya hoa

Armaan left from dere wid out saying a word

Ridhimma: are isi kiya hoa

Sabhi interns dr. keerti ko report kare

Atul: chalo ajali pehle din late hona acha nahi hota

Anjali: ok

All interns reported to dr.keerti

Dr.keerti is da senior doctor in sanjeevani n will guide interns during their internship she is a sweet but sometimes stick person

Dr.keerti: hello everyone ajj app sab ka pehla din hai toh mai sare bate ajj hi clear ker dena chahte ho always remember ye aik hospital hai aur ap sab future doctors so apne had mai reh ker hi sab kaam kerna aur aik baat mujhe late ane walo se sakht nafrat hai ab app ki duties mai app ko jo duties don gi appko unhe follow kerna pare ga

Interns ma’am

Dr.keerti: gud dr.ridhima aur dr. armaan app dono general ward mai rahe ge dr.rahul aur dr.muskaan aids ward aur dr anjali app ajj mujhe assist karenge aur dr.atul app ajj special ward mai duty denge

Interns ma’am

Dr.kerti: lets get to work

All da interns get to their duties armaan was very confused coz he did not knew wat is in ridhimmas mind during duty he keep on stairing towards ridhimma but ridhimma did not knew

In da stair case armaan was sitting alon

Armaan(to himself) : ab mai yeh kaise pata karo keh uske dil mai kiya hai ya kahe usne jo kuch kaha tha usdin kahe who sab kuch bhool to nahi gai zaroor who bhoolhi gai hoge warna mujhse us din ke baae mai baat to kerte lekin kahe mai galat to nahi ker raha mujhe usse apne feelings bata dene chahiye nahi yaar kahe who ye na samjhe ye who ab khubsorat ho gai hai isi waja se mai usse pyar kerne lag gaya ho

Ridhimma was standing on dad or ofstair case n listening

Ridhima: armaan tumne aisa sooch bhi kaise liye

Armaan was shocked he stand up : ridhimma who mai

Ridhimma: maine tumhe apne dil ki baat batae aur tum tumne kiya kiya mujhe koi jawab hi nahi diya tum apne app hi kuch na kuch sochte rehteho kabhi mujh se pocha keh mai kiya feel kerte ho mujhe kiya chahiye tum kabhi mere fikar nahi ker sakte kabhi nahi tum bas apne bare mai sochte ho tum kisi se kabhi bhi pyar nahi ker sakte kabhi nahi I hate you rumhe na pyar kerna ata hai aur na nibhana ata hai

Armaan: lekin ridhimma

Ridhima ran from dere

@ home anjali n ridhima were sitting on dere beds n discussing dere first day in hospital

anjali: tumhara ajj ka din kaisa guzra mera to buhat acha guzra

ridhimma did not answered

anjali: ridhimma

ridhimma: haa di

anjali: kaha kho gai

ridhima: kahe nahi bas who ……

anjali: ajj rahul tumhe kuch zyada hi dekh raha tha kiya baat hai

ridhimma: rahul aur mai kabhi nahi kiya keh rahe ho di woh muskaan haina who rahul ko pasand kerte hai

anjali lyk dat

ridhimma: chalo di abb buhat der ho chuki hai abb hume soo jana chahiye

anjali: ya gud night

next morning

ridhima was jogging she saw armaan in da basketball court n changed her path

armaan was soo upset by this he called him but she did not listened to him

armaan: ye mujhse kiya ho gaya maine ridhimma ko kiya samjh liya

in da hospital

in da locker room

armaan was soo sad he was standing lyk a devdas

atul: ye dosti!!! Hum nahi tode ge chode ge……

he saw armaan standing lyk devdas

atul: yaar abhi toh sirf 9 baaj rahe hai lekin tere moo pe barah kyun baje hoe hai

armaan: yaar mai ajj buhat dukheho

atul: to mujhe bata de shayad mai kuch help ker sako

armaan: to aur help

atul: haa bata to sahe tension kis bare mai hai

armaan: pyar ke bare mai

atul: pyar ke bare mai!huh! pyar ki problem to mai chutkiyo mai solve ker deta ho itne pictures dekh chukka hook eh abb toh koi bhi situation ho mai solve ker donga

armaan: really

atul:haa bata na

armaan tells him everything

atul: acha toh ye baat hai

armaan: haa ab to hi bata mai kiya karo

atul: to fikar na ker when atul is here there is no fear

armaan: really

atul: haa to bas who porane wala armaan ban jaa aur phir dekh mai tum dono ko kaise milata ho aur tu hume milade

armaan: hume kise

atul: are hume yaar mujhe aur anjali ko

armaan: ok ok porana armaan wapis aa gaya hai im baq!!!

N da episode ends

Hope u all liked it plz do comment n tell me whether u liked it or not


Hey every one here im wid da 7th part of friends forever

Precap:ridhimma said not to talk with armaan again atul will now on solving armaan’s problem n armaan is baq

Very next dat at sanjeevani in locker room

Armaan(to himself): bechpan se ajj tak itne pranks khele lekin ajj koi prank hi nahi sooj raha kiya ho gaya hai armaan soch soch kaise tease kare ridhimma ko first of all mujhe uska koi nick name rakhna hoga ab who glasses to pehnte nahi so aus ka naam………………………………………………. Basket yes I got it basket cool

Everyone enter locker room

Armaan:hello everyone wassup!?

Everyong except ridhimaa: hello armaan

As everyone was keeping there things in da locker room

Announcement:sabhi interns dr.keerti ko report kare

Everyone left except armaan n ridhimaa

Armaan ridhima se takrate hai aur dono ki files gir jate hai

Armaan:kiya baat hai basket ajj mujh se takrane ka dil ker raha hai kiya

Ridhima:mere abhi itne bore din bhi nahi aae aur waise bhi tumne mujhe Dhaka mara maine tumhe nahi n by da way ye basket koun hai??

Armaan: tum basket!

Everyone reporting to dr.keerti

Interns:good morning ma’am

Dr.keerti: goodmorning ajj app ki duties hai dr ridhimma children ward,dr atul aur dr anjali aids ward, dr armaan special ward aur dr.rahul aur dr.muskaan ajj app dono general ward mai rahe ge

Everyone left except ridhima

Dr. keerti: dr ridhima mujhe apne patient mr.malhotra ki file dijiye

Ridhimma: yes ma’am here it is

Dr. keerti:dr ridhimma maine app se mr.malhotra ki file mange the!

Dr.ridhimma: sorry ma’am who mai……….(starts searching for her file but could not find it)

Dr. keerti: dr ridhima ab app ko jaldi kerne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kyunki ab app night shift bhi karenge

Ridhima: but ma’am…

Dr.keerti: get to work dr. ridhima

Armaan was standing n watching all dis ridhimma recalled dat before coming here she met armaan.armaan was standing n dancing when he realized dat ridhimma is watching him she stopped dancing

Ridhima: apne ghatiya mazak band karo armaan its not funny

Armaan: oh really theek hai agle baar aur ache pranks khelo ga ab khush

Ridhimma: huh!

N leaves n armaan start dancing n a voice came

Voice: ye app kiya ker rahe hai

Armaan: khushi mana raha ho

Voice: kis baat ki

Armaan: tujhe kiya

n turns n saw a senior doctor standing there he is dr.shubhanker

dr shubhanker is a senior doctor he is going to be married dr.keerti very soon n he is very afraid of dr.keerti

armaan: ji app……koun???

Dr.shubhanker: mai yaha ka senior doctor…app intern?

Armaan: yes sir dr.armaan malik..waise apko kal dekha nahi na

Shubhanker: ha who mai aik din ki leave pet ha

Armaan sir now I have to go for my duty

Shubhanker: ya sure

Ridhimma is in children ward n she meets lots of children over there she played wid them n made them laugh

Armaan was passing n watched ridhimma he was lost in her (background music:asmani rang ho)

Scene shifts to general ward where dr.rahul n dr.muskaan r checking patients muskaan is sooo much talkative n rahul is not @ all so muskaan kept on talking wid him n he just listened rahul realizes dat she is a sweet gal

Atul n anjali r in aids ward checking patients n discussing wid each other coz atul knows more than anjali

But in special ward sama hi kuch juda hai armaan aik patient ko adha ghanta de raha hai ohh sorry sorry aik patient ko nahi aik aik ladki ko chahe who nurse hi kyun na ho but anyways armaan sab ko khush dekhna chahta hai so her aik ke saath ache se baat kerta hai

Ye haal hai humara sanjeevani ka jaha sab kuch thora kam kam hai dosti kam, pyar kam bas aik cheez hi zyada hai who hai shaitani aur kaam toh zyada hona hi hai kyunki intern of da moth jo banna hai

Atul and armaan after deir longgggggggggg duty r chilling out in café

Atul: yaar armaan tune ridhimma ke saath koi mazaak kiya keh nahi??

Armaan: tension nalo boss mai apna kaam pore imandare se ker raha ho

Atul: good dekh dekh who aa rahe hai

N says sumthing in his ear

Armaan goes to take coffe

Ridhimma n anjali: hey atul

Ridhimma: di mai toh buhat thak gai ho ab mai aur kaam nahi ker sakte aur satath mai mere night shift bhi hai

Anjali: ohhh dats sad

Armaan: when armaan’s here there is no fear mai aa gaya basket ki problem ka solution le ke

Ridhima: ridhimma mera naam ridhimma hai n by da way tumhare zaroorat bilkul bhi nahi hai

Armaan: ye lo mazedar sandwiches khao

Anjali: come on ridhimma kha lo tumhe bhook lage ho gi

Ridhimaa: zaroor is ne sandwiches mai kuch milaya ho ga

Atul: nahi ridhimma ye to mere samne le ke aya hai

Ridhimma: ok

And she take a bite of da sandwiches n screams


Anjali ok ye lo

Ridhimma: u

Armaan laughs ridhimma tried to hit hhim but he ran ridhimma followed him having a mug of cooffe is her hand

Armaan: basket ko mirchi lage!!!!

Ridhimma: tum wahe ruko wahe ruko

Anjali: bas karo tum dono dr.keerti aa jae gi

Ridhimma: nahi di ajj to mai badla le ke hi rahonge

Dr keerti came there shewatched both of them fighting ridhima n coffee armaan ki taraf phenke amraan niche ho gaya aur coffee atul pe gir gai

Dr.keerti: kiya ho raha hai ye sab!!!

Ridhimaa: ma’am who

Dr.keerti:shut up dr. ridhima app ko aik night shift kafi nahi the ab app dono pore week night shifts kare ge aur who bhi saath saath

Ridhimma n armaan look @ each oder

Ridhima: ab toh isse maza chakhana hi pare ga

Armaan: 1 week night shift ek saath ab dekhna dr.ridhimma armaan malik ke pranks

N da episode ends

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Hey everyone im baq wid da next part n I m shooooooooooooo shorry for late update

Precap: dr.keerti give armaan n ridhima a whole week night shift

Armaan knew dat ridhimma will do sumthing so he is touches everthing carefully

Armaan enters da locker room n carefully opens da door

Armaan: shukar hai (n enters locker room)

Ridhimma have tied a thread there but he did not saw it as he was looking here n there so hefalls on da floor n his nose was injured

Armaan: ouch ouch ouch

Ridhimma enters locker room from changing room

Ridhimma:are tum to phisal gai

Armaan: nahi nahi mai to hrithik roshan banne ki koshish ker raha tha!

Ridhimma: oh really

Armaan gives him a tough look

Ridhima: acha chalo ab night shift kerne

Armaan n ridhima leaves for da night shift after two hours de have completed deir dutied n were resting in da café on different tables a nurse came

Nurse: dr. ridhimma app ke liye phone hai

Ridhima: mere liya acha tum chalo mai ate ho

Ridhimma take da phone

Ridhimma: hello koun??

Voice: hahahaha mai mai ho

Ridhimma: koun bol raha hai

Voice: dr. ridhima mere chore lekin ajj to appki night shift haina aur apko ye bhi nahi pata hoga keh sanjeevani mai raat ko bhoot…

Ridhimma: bhoot! App koun bool rahe hai

Voice: appko yaad hai pechle hafte aik patient aya tha jis ki death ho gai the mai uske aatma hoo

Ridhima became scared

Voice: kyun paseena aa raha hai fikar na kare dr.ridhima abhi toh pore raat bki hai hahahahaha

Ridhimma: lekin app koun bol rahe hai

Da oder person hang up

Ridhima: koun ho sakta hai zaroor armaan ho ga

Ridhima goes in da café nsees armaan sleeping on da chair

Ridhimma: armaan armaan sone ki acting mat karo

Armaan in half sleep

Armaan: kiya problem hai ridhima!

Ridhima: to yane keh tum sach mai soo rahe ho

Armaan: nahi badminton khel raha ho khelo gi

N sleeps again

Ridhimma: koun ho sakta hai

Announcement: dr.ridhima general ward mai report kare

Ridhima goes to da general ward n checks da patients dere n was returning fom dere suddenly some voices began

Voices: hahahahahahahahaha

Ridhima: koun…..koun hai dekho tum job hi ho mai tumhare awaz se darne wale nahi ho

But sheis actually very scared

As ridhima was moving her dupatta sucked somewhere as she turned dere was a ghost in black dress n an ugly face

Ridhimma started screaming: bachao bachao hellp help!!!!

Ghost started laughing: hahahahahahah dar gai dr.ridhima

Ridhima: tum!!!

Ghost took her mask out n guess wat it was armaan laughing

Armaan: dr. ridhimma dar gai

Ridhima: tum tumhe to mai nahi choro gi

Armaan ran from dere n ridhimma just started thinking of some new ideas

Da next morning every one was dere in da locker room n armaan n ridhimma were just yawning

Anjali: oh my God ridhimma tumhare eyes ke neeche to dark circles

Ridhima: di itne neend aa rahe hai keh dil ker raha hai dr.keerti ko abhi apna resignation letter de do

Armaan in half sleep is standing n was about to fall

Atul: are sambhal ke

Armaan put his head on his shoulder n slept

Atul: nahi yaar mujhe llocker mai cheese rakhne hai ye le rahul abhi toh isse sambhal

N transfers armaan’s head on rahul’s shoulder

Announcement: sabhi interns dr.keerti ko report kare

Dr.keerti: good morning interns

Interns: good morning ma’am

Armaan n ridhima were yawning n were half slept

Dr.keerti: dr. armaan aur dr. ridhimma app abhi apne ghar jaa sakte hai

Armaan: nahi ma’am hume sanjeevani se mat nikaliye humara career barbaad ho jae ga

Ridhima: yes ma’am plz

Dr.keerti: mai appko app ki neend pore kern eke liye ghar bhej rahe ho takeh mera koi bechara patient bemout mara na jae umeed hai ke appko sabak mil gaya ho ga so ajj se app dono normal duties pe hai

Arman ridhima: really ma’am

Dr.keerti: haa aur mai umed kerte ho keh ajj ke baad app dono is hospital mai doctors ki tarha hi behave karenge bacho ki tarha nahi

Armaan n ridhimma: yes ma’am n we are sory ama’am aisa phir nahi hoga

N de left for there homes

Armaan : ridhima mai tumhe drop ker deta ho

Ridhima: nahi mujhe apne zindagi buhat pyare hai

Arman: matlab

Ridhima: matlab ye keh abhi tumhe itne neend ae hoe hai keh tum kisi bhi waqt so sakte ho aur accident ke chances bhi zyada hai soo bye

Armaan: par…..

N she leaves

Armaan: kabhi to chalo gi mere saath

After a day

Everyone in da locker room except ridhima

Ridhima enters: (singing) socha kaha tha ye jo ye jo ho gaya

Muskaan: pana kaha tha ye lo ye lo mil gaya

Atul: chutki koi kato na hai hum toh hosh mai kadmo ko thamo ye hai urte josh mai

Three of dem: badal pe pao hai ya chuta gao hai ab to bhai chal pare apne ye nao hai

Anjali: ajj tumhe kiya hoa ridhima tum atul ki tarha gana kab se gane lag gae

Ridhima: bas aise hi

Muskaan: gai gi kyun nahi agle hafte intern of da month jo announce hona hai aur madam ji ke highest scoes hai

Anjali: ohh…..

Armaan: muskaan abhi aik hafta hai aur aik hafte mai kuch bhi ho sakta hai

Ridhima: oh really so kep tring

Announcement: sabhi interns dr.keerti ko report kare

Atul: chalo yaaro bora waqt aya hai

Muskaan: bogambo ne bulaya hai

Rahul: ye boambo koun hai

Muskaan: tujhe nahi pata??

Rahul: nahi

Atul: apne dr.keerti chalo ab chalo

Armaan pushes atul back every one leaves except dem

Atul: kiya hai yaar

Armaan: tune jaisa kaha maine waisa hi kiya ab mai kiya karo

Atul: maine kiya kaha aur kis mamle mai

Armaan: ridhima ko mannane mai

Atul: ohh ha tona ab usse apne loving saide dekha abna to usse dosti ker

Armaan: tera plan kaam to akre ga na

Atul: haa kare ga zaror kare ga abhi chale warna bogambo se dant pare ge

Dr. keerti n dr.shubhanker: good morning every one

Interns: good morning

Dr.shubhanker: ajj mai aik announcement kerne aya ho parso se hume do new interns join ker rahe hai

interns were soo happy

muskaan: sir kaha se hai who dono

shubhanker: sanjeevani Punjab se

muskaan to ridhimma: oee tab to unse khoob jame ge mere

n da episode ends

new interns kouns honge ye jane ke liye keep reading

hope you all liked it n will try my best to upload next part today

do read n do comment


Hey everyone im here wid da next part

As it is said dere is an angel for everyone an angel who will change one’s life but what of urs turn into evil!!

Buhat ho gai philosophies ab kuch kaamki baatho jae

Precap:Ab aa rahe hai nae interns sanjeevani mai hmm….. maza aae ga

Keerti: jab who aae ge tab unse mil keh acha behave kerna app sab sanjeevani ki image mat kharab kerna

Interns: ok ma’am

Keerti: chale ab kuch kaam ki baatho jae app sab ki ajjki duties hai:dr.ridhima aur dr.armaan children ward,dr.atul aids ward,dr.muskaan aur dr. rahul app dono ajj dr.shashankko surgery mai assist karenge aur dr.anjali ajj app accident cases handle kare ge

Armaan n ridhima: phir se

N move to children ward

Shubhanker: keerti mai kuch dino se dekh raha ho tum in dono ko aik si dutieskyun derahe ho

Keerti: shubhanker inhe dosre doctors ke saath acha behave kerna chahiye so dat de can work as a team bas mai in dono ko aik saath aik team mai rakhna chahti ho

As everyone was on there duties

Muskaan:yaar to ajj sambhal lena

Rahul: kyun kiya hoa??

Muskaan: I h8 surgeries n blod too

Rahul: h8 or afraid

Muskaan: dono

Rahul: dekho muskaan jab tum kisi cheez ko apne upper havi ker dete ho tab tum us cheez se der jate ho so tum apne dil mai bas yahe kehte raho dat I can do it aur dar apne app door ho jae ga

Muskaan was just listening him silenghtly

Muskaan: thanx rahul

Rahul: ab chale

Muskaan: haa chalo

In children ward

Armaan n ridhima were checking children or fighting or both im confused too!!!

Armaan n atul’s duties r over so de r resting in da café

Armaan:hey champ

Atul: hi

Armaan:kyun kiya hoa itna soya soya kyun hai

Atul: kafi der se anjali konahi dekha na isi liye

Armaan: oh waise atul mujhe tujhse kuch pochna tha

Atul: haa pooch

Armaan: ridhima ko mai apne love side kaise dikhao

Atul: jaise mai anjali ko dekhata ho

Armaan: nahi yaar lekin hum dono to har waqt lerte rehte hai toh mai usse sorry bolo

Atul: angrez chalegai peche sorry chor gai

Armaan: what!?

Atul: to sorry mat bolna

Armaan: phir kiya bolo

Atul: kuch bhi lyk mujhse dosti karoge

Armaan: hmm….

Atul: cha lab chup ho ja who aa rahe hai

Armaan now ill behave good wid her


Anjali ridhima muskaan n rahul: hey guyz

Atul n armaan: hi

Anjali: rahul aur muskaan tum logo ki surgery kaise rahe

Muskaan n rahul: buhat ache

Anjali: gr8 lekin muskaan tujhe toh khoon se dar lagta haina

Muskaan: lagta hai nahi lagta tha

Anjali: good for u

Armaan stand up n went to take coffee for alln give it to all

When he gave it to ridhima she just looked @ him in a weird way

Armaan: wat!? Oho nahi milaya ajjis mai kuch

When armaan was about to sit ridhimma removed chair n armaan fell

Everyone started laughing

Armaan was abt to say sumthing but den he recalled dat atul told him to behave good

armaan did not said anything to her

in da locker room

anjali: ridhima jalde anamai tumharawait ker rahe ho

atul: bye anjali bye everyone

anjali: bye

rahul: aao muskaan mai tumhe chor deta hoo

muskaan: haa chalo

rahuln muskaan:bye armaan bye ridhimma

armaan n ridhimma: bye

ridhima: armaan tumhare tabiyat to theek hai

armaan: haa kyun

ridhima: tum itne der se koi prank nahi khela mujh pe

armaan: mai thak chukka ho ridhima ye roz roz ki ladaiyon se

ridhima: ladna chahta bhi koun hai

armaan denajj sehum dost ban sakte hai

ridhima in her heart: kaheye iski koi chaal to nahi hai

armaan: kuch kaha tumne

ridhimma: nahi lekin tum phir mujhe kabhi tang nahi karoge

armaan: kabhi nahi

ridhima den friends

armaan: friends

ridhimma: friends

ridhima: dim era wait ker rahe honge mujhe janahai bye

armaan: ok bye

ridhimma leaves

armaan: yippee!! Ab aae ga maza ab tum dekhna ridhima mai tumhare dil ki baat zubaan pe kaise lata ho

n daepisode ends

tomorrow: new interns entrance who dey will be villans or angles??? If u wanna know den do read next part

do readdo comment n do tell me whether I shuld continue or not

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